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Jan Fabre submitted resignation to Greece’s Culture Minister

Culture Minister Aristidis Baltas said that Jan Fabre submitted his resignation as curator of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. In his resignation Fabre said it was not possible for him to “work in a hostile artistic environment.” In a statement Minister Baltas underlined that Fabre’s resignation was the result of a “synchronized attack by political parties [also SYRIZA criticized Fabre], mass media and part of the artists’ world,” and  that Fabre’s critics spoke even of  “Fabre’s anti-Greek work.”

Baltas claimed that “Fabre had actually offered to work as volunteer” claiming only “20,000 per each year” as salary.

Baltas spoke also of … ah, never mind. None should support an artist who abuses animals in the name of art.

Earlier KTG reported on the issue:

Did he resign or not? Officially it has not been confirmed by the Greek Ministry of Culture. But Belgian artist Jan Fabre, the controversial curator of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, told a Belgian newspaper that he has submitted his resignation.

He complained that he was displeased as he could not work in a “hostile artistic environment” and that he did not receive a “carte banche” as the Greeks had promised him.

According to Belgian HLN.BE:

“Artist Jan Fabre gets displeased as curator of the Hellenic Festival, an arts festival in Greece. Fabre’s appointment was announced in February and had to take four years. The Belgian speaks of a “hostile artistic environment.”

“I had the mandate of the Greek Minister of Culture agreed to make artistic choices in complete freedom,” said Fabre Saturday in a brief press release. “This no longer seems possible in Greece. I do not want to work in a hostile artistic environment that I had entered with an open mind and open heart.”

De Morgen Fabre was a few days ago is still very enthusiastic about the freedom of the Greek Minister of Culture showed him. “I just wanted to promise if I had complete carte blanche. And they gave me. Chapeau, I’m against it,” so when it sounded.” (HLN.BE via google translation)

“Carte Blanche” for a budget of 3 million euro? I don’t think so, Jan. Who told you so?

Festival curator Jan Fabre triggered a storm of reactions when he decided to exclude Greek artists from this year’s Athens & Epidaurus Festival and dedicate this year’s event to “Belgian spirit.”

PS I don’t mind Fabre’s Mount Olympus & throbbing phalluses in the ancient theater of Epidaurus. But I do mind Greek artists to be excluded and thus by an “artist” like Jan Fabre who abuses cats in the name of what he calls “art.”


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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Artidis Baltas will resign for Animal Lib

  2. Good, he can take is mount Olympus throbbing phalluses back to Belgium. Greece doesn’t need filth like Jan Fabre. He can take tsipras and Syriza with him as well. Sooner this Syriza government is gone, the better for greece.

  3. just another art world fake & desperado…they are a dime a dozen.