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Mass-deportations of 750 Migrants to Turkey start tomorrow

The day to implement the painful EU-Turkey deal has come. A total of 750 migrants will be deported from the Greek island of Lesvos back to Turkey. Two Turkish ships chartered by the Frontex will transport the migrants to the port of Dikeli.

According to Athens News Agency, the deportation schedule from Monday, April 4th, until Wednesday, April 6th, is that the ships will do two itineraries per day and transport a total of 250 per day.

Frontex police officers will accompanies the deported migrants.

The Turkish catamaran Nazli Zale, will transport each time a total of 200 people: 100 migrants and 100 police officers. The vessel has been chartered fro 2 trips per day.

Turkish ship “Lesbos” will transport 100 people per trip: 50 migrants and 50 police officers. It has been charted for one trip per day.

According to the charter terms & conditions, migrants and police officers will be offered a sandwich, fruit juice and water.

The first ships with deported migrants is scheduled to leave the port of Mytilene at 10 a.m. on Monday, the whole procedure will go through the customs gate.

The migrants will be transported from the “detention center” to the port with chartered buses.

I heard yesterday on TV, that among the migrants to be deported are 148 Pakistanis, Afghans and also Syrians who have not applied for asylum.

The deportations will apply to arrivals after March 20th, when the EU-Turkey deal was officially sealed in Brussels.

Of course, the whole plan needs a huge number of Frontex policemen, who are expected to arrive on Lesvos over the weekend. “All rooms in hotels and other tourists facilities in a range of several kilometers from the port of Mytilini have been leased for this purpose,” the ANA notes.

Migration spokesman Giorgos Kyritsis told the Guardian, that “of the 2,300 officials the EU has promised to send to Greece only 200 have so far arrived. We are still waiting for the legal experts and translators they said they would send. Even Frontex personnel haven’t got here yet.”

At the same time, the residents of Dikili including the mayor protested against the arrivals from Greece.

The first re-admissions will be migrants form Pakistan and the Congo.

However, many migrants rushed on Sunday to apply for asylum hoping to avoid re-admissions.

What do 50 French riot policemen on Lesvos?

A week ago, 17 Dutch policemen arrived on Lesvos, 350 policemen from Germany, France, Portugal, Estonia and Lithuania arrived over the weekend. Another 40 Frontex policemen are on the island of Chios. They will accompany the migrants back to Turkey.

According to French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, 22 policemen and 50 Gendarmes will arrive to Chios on Sunday and Monday to be attached to Frontex. Apparently because deportations will start from Chios as well. Cazeneuve announced also that another 78 policemen will arrive soon, and that:

50 French riot policemen arrived on Lesvos on Saturday with the purpose “to assist in enhancing the protection of EU borders.”

50 riot policemen to protect EU’s sea borders? I hope, they know how to swim. Or shall we see them going with their batons against the refugees and migrants arriving at the shores of Lesvos or kick those who refuse to be deported?

It is a common practice that deportees are in handcuffs and are accompanied by two policemen. Apparently, the Dutch Deportations Coordinator thought it would be surreal and much too expensive to have 50 deportees and 100 policemen per ship trip.


But can you imagine women and children in handcuffs on the soil of this “enlightened” European Union?

PS Be prepared to witness some ugly scenes coming from Lesvos tomorrow.

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  1. Good riddance to these ILLEGAL INVADERS. Tsipras and Syriza should also be deported out of Greece.

    • So you consider Tsipras and all of Syriza to be illegal invaders? That says more about you than about them or any refugees. I guess you think the 1967 government was the best Greece ever had.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Europe also needs space to host it’s illegal invaders from Europe when the relocation program for the 500 million+ starts that will get deported by American Indian Nations and Aborigini, lets start with the real Boston tea party throw’em into the Atlantic and welcome volunteers with language skills.
      What is the difference between a legal and an illegal invader? The legal invader gots weapons, no language skills and no invitation or any allowance from the reservation camps authorities.

  2. Where is the Union in EU ?
    Why don’t they publish stats on resettlement of refugees by country ?
    First they crushed Greece financially , then they encouraged refugees to come . Then they built fences and blame Greece for not policing the external borders.
    The total refugees trying to come to the EU would be less than 2% increase in population if spread evenly . All they do is talk.