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Riot police beats dock workers, as Tsipras-COSCO shake hands on Piraeus Privatization

Riot police batons fell on protesters’ back, while Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was shaking hands with the CEO of Chinese COSCO Xu Lirong to seal the privatization of the Port Of Piraeus Organization.

Outside the Zappeion mansion where the official ceremony was taking place, port workers had gathered to protest the privatization.

A small protesters’ delegation was supposed to be allowed to reach Zappeion, but more people tried to come through the police cordon.

Police tried to stop them in the usual way: with batons, tear gas and sound flares. The port workers started to shout at police “Traitors!” and “Thugs!”

As of Today, COSCO Shipping Corporation has 67% of stakes of Piraeus Port. The total value of the sale is 1.5 billion euro. According to Greek government, that the Greek state keeps the ownership of the port, the privatization concerns the company administrating the port’s infrastructure.

‘The deal will make the Silk Road shorter,” PM Tsipras said.

Inside Zappeion

Outside Zappeion

Does anyone remember that SYRIZA was against the Port Privatization?

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  1. The prvatization is the worst part of the bailout agreement.
    Everyday people now feel the impacts of the austerity measures, but privatizations consequencies will be long termed. The economics will be driven by multinational companies, and Greece will be not just a debt colony but just a colony in the other meanings of this world also.

  2. In Australia – we have The Big 4 Too Big To Fail Banks – because of their bad business practices & the massive debts they cannot repay easily & any time soon – it will not be long before these Too Big To Fail Big Australian Banks are owned by Foreign Banking Interests.
    It sounds scary – but it is for the best – anyone wanting to borrow will have to justify their need to borrow & their capacity to repay.
    For some reason when it belongs to them they rip it off.
    What can I tell you.

  3. COSCO is not a private company, so this is not a privatization at all.
    It is a government-owned company of the People’s Republic of China.(from Wikipedia)
    The same is happening with public assets in Portugal. China is disposing his huge pile of fiat money (mainly dollars), trying to convert it in valuable assets in anticipation of further financial crashes. Any other country should be doing the same, but the European bureaucrats hate publish wealth (apparently, with the exception of Chinese one).

  4. As long as you don’t have Chinese warships docked in Pireaus the harbor can always be taken back. Nevertheless, privatization will lead to workers being laid off. This will happen with the whole of Greece: privatization and ‘liberalization’ of State assets, utilities and the commons. You know, under the banner of better services and cheaper prices. But it most cases it will lead to exactly the opposite.