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Idomeni: Syrian refugee hit by police van dies in hospital

The Syrian refugee who was hit by a police van on Monday, died in Papageorgiou hospital in Thessaloniki Thursday noon. The man suffered severe injuries in the head, the doctors could not save him.

Officially the Greek police says that it was an accident. According to Greek police, the man was fixing something on his tent in Idomeni camp, he lost his balance and fell on the side of the police van. The van driver was a 46-year-old policeman. The exact causes of the accident are been investigated by the Traffic Police of Kilkis.

Video: One refugee claims that “when the policemen saw blood running out of Emran’s head they put a knife under his body to demonstrate that he had injured himself. “They left him there,” the young man claims saying also the the police van had a high speed and it just overrun the refugee who was walking.

Short after the accident on Monday and after the injured man received first aid on the spot and the ambulance was on the way to the hospital, refugees and migrants threw stones at the police van and chanted slogans.

Video on Monday – the same man claims that “when the policeman saw the injured he threw a knife…”

Emran, 40, was living in the camp together with his family.

Today in Idomeni camp the mood is heavy.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Afghan young man, 18, drowned in Pineios river. Together with a friend  had left the camp for a swim in the river.

PS so, if we believe the “eyewitness’s allegations”, Greek policemen carry knives with them and are quick to fake evidence in crime scenes? *sigh*

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  1. It’s the Syriza/Anel police, stupid! The good relations of EL.AS with the fascists of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) are well known. For workers revolution to smash this rotten capitalist system! For a Balkan Socialist Federation! Down with the bosses’ EU! For a Socialist United States of Europe!

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