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EP Socialists’ leader Pitella: Germany and IMF want Grexit, “hawks are condemning Greece to death”

The IMF and German hawks want the patient dead. And they still want a Grexit. But the Socialists say “Non passeranno” [they will not pass], Gianni Pittella, leader of the Socialist and Democrats group in the European Parliament, told in an exclusive interview.

Gianni Pittella told, among others:

Q: The situation with Greece is getting dramatic. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has asked for an extraordinary EU summit. There seem to be big questions around the role of the IMF, and the games it has been playing, including ideological attacks against the Syriza government. What is your analysis?

A: This is a sequel of a movie we watched one year ago, with the same actors. On the one side, the IMF, on the other, the German hawks Schäuble-style, who try to use inappropriate weapons to destroy a democratically elected government and a nation that is making big efforts, both in the economic and financial areas, and in tackling the refugee crisis.

Q: I notice a rapprochement between the centre-left and Syriza. I also notice that in the European Council, when you count the heads of state and government by political affiliation, the biggest force is the centre-left. What is your political family going to do to help Greece?

A: Tsipras represents a progressive force. Even if he was of another political colour, I would still oppose the infamous push by the IMF and of some conservative protagonists to request preventive austerity measures from Greece. It’s like they are saying, “We don’t trust you Greeks, and therefore you will need to reach targets in a preventive way.” This is like condemning a country to death. This is not preventive austerity, this is the death of a country. Whoever the Greek prime minister, I would stand by him.

Q: Is Grexit used as a part of the weaponry to put pressure on Greece? Some leaks suggested so.

A: It is wrong, it is unjust, it is iniquitous to dangle the Grexit card. Greece is making extraordinary efforts to keep up with its commitments with the EU. They ask of Greece additional measures, which are tantamount to major sacrifices for the citizens, for their social situation, forgetting that this country has been for years constrained to tears of blood. (Yet) they ask more austerity from a patient who is so weakened. They want the patient dead. They want Grexit, because they did not succeed last year, but we say “Non passerano” [they will not pass]. Non passerano!

Full interview here

PS Glad to see, Euractiv & Pitella agree with KTG’s position on the issue 🙂

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  1. While one can always be grateful for expressions of support, I’m afraid Pitella’s words will be just that, words. Our “elected” leaders will do as they please regardless of what the electorate thinks. We would do well to meditate Plato’s words: “Tyranny naturally arises out of democracy.”