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Kozani: 5-year-old boy bitten to death by two dogs on Easter Sunday

A tragedy on Easter Sunday: a 5-year-old boy was beaten to death by two dogs, while the boy was visiting with his mother the owner’s country home to celebrate Easter. According to local media, the child was playing, “when suddenly the dogs threw down the fence of the space where the owner kept them” and attacked the boy “with particular fury.” Alarmed by the boy’s scream the mother, the owner and other guests rushed to free the boy from the dogs’ teeth.

The owner and the mother rushed the child to the hospital nearby. Despite the efforts, the doctors could not save the little one. One and a half hour after the attack, the 5-year-old was dead. His head, face and body had reportedly “dozens of bite marks.”

The dogs’ owner, a retired army officer, 72, was arrested by the police and was released after the prosecutor raised charges on manslaughter.

The two dogs of Rottweiler breed  were transferred to the City Kennel of Kozani where they will remain in a 15-day quarantine in order to exclude the possibility of rabies. Th owner has eight more Rottweiler.

The owner reportedly said, that he kept 3 of the dogs were kept in a special room in the home’s basement, while the other 5 dogs were in  the farm’s storage room. not clear, whether the dogs were kept in closed rooms all of the time or just On Easter Sunday, when guests came in the farm.

According to ANT1 TV, the owner claimed during his testimony to prosecutor that the boy escaped the mother’s attention, left the house,  went to the place where the dogs were kept and “probably unsecured the lock letting the dogs free.”

Greek police had planned to hold a press conference today to inform about the tragedy, but for some unknown reasons, the presser did not take place. Kozani police issued a statement announcing the arrest of the dogs’ owner.

Police investigates the case.


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