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Refugees and migrants flow to Greece dramatically decreased

The flow of refugees and migrants to the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea has dramatically decreased during the last couple of days. According to official data, no refugee or migrants arrived on Lesvos for four consecutive day. 52 people arrived on Chios yesterday, Sunday, and 12 people arrived on Samos.

During the last 10 days, a total of 179 people arrived on Lesvos, 227 on Chios and 135 on Samos.

A total of 7,044 refugees and migrants live on the refugee camps on the three islands. 4,020 people in Moria, Lesvos, 2,265 people on Chios and 759 people on Samos.

According to International Migration Organization, 155,000 people arrived in Greece from January 1st – April 27th 2016.

PS I suppose, Turkey does all it can to push for the visa-free travel of Turkish citizens to EU in the context of the Eu Turkey deal.


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  1. That is because Erdogan controls the flow. It increased when there was this ‘incident’ with this German comedian making fun of Erdogan. It stopped then again when Merkel allowed the comedian to be prosecuted. In order to stop the flow of people the EU is going to allow visa-free travel into Europe for millions of Turks and you can bet on it that that will be misused for Turks to illegally settle in Europe and then receive a pardon. But the deal needs the approval on EU member states. The EU itself does not have the balls to stand up to Erdogan.