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Greek government rushes to legislate on Pensions & Tax Reform before the Eurogroup on Monday

Greek government is determined to reach an agreement at the Eurogroup meeting on upcoming Monday. In order to demonstrate eagerness to implement the 5.4 billion euro measures demanded by the European lenders, SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition rushes to legislate on Pensions Reform and New Taxation System Bills that are expected to be voted over the weekend.

On Thursday, the two bills have been debated in the relevant parliamentary committees since 11 o’ clock in the morning.

The two bills contain a thorough Pension Reform with cuts even in current pensions, social contribution hikes and uncertainty whether the future generations will receive back the amounts they have paid.

The new taxation system will enable the state to grab deeper in taxpayers’ pockets with direct and indirect taxes containing even new Value Added Tax hikes.

With just 153 seats in a Parliament of 300, the Greek government has a thin majority to pass the new austerity measures and it is not clear whether all left-wing lawmakers would vote in favor of them.

Devoted to their favorite game of “scenarios” Greek media speculate that prime Minister Alexis Tsipras might ask that the measures will pass through the parliament with a “broader majority of 180 votes”.  But such a move would mean that Tsipras has secured the support of to Potami (10 seats) and PASOK (16 seats) and some independent MP – because I see no chance that anyone of the 75 New Democracy MPs would dare to vote in favor, neither the Communist KKE nor extreme-right Golden Dawn would do the same. Centrists’ Union has 9 seats and its leader wants an “ecumenical government” at any cost and predicts “early elections” on June 9th or 12th.

SYZIRA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis told Skai TV this morning, “The measures will pass with a majority, some articles will possibly receive more than 153 votes.” He described the early elections scenarios as “paranoid.”

The question remains of course: what will happen with the 3.6 billion euro measures the IMF and Schaeuble insist on.

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