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Chios: 120 applications to be sent back to Turkey, four migrants attempted to swim to Cesme

Tired of hanging around in poor living conditions and with no future in Europe, many refugees and migrants want to leave Greece. As the border to their promised lands remain close, they want to be sent back to Turkey. According to local media on the island of Chios, a total of 120 people have submitted applications to Greek authorities and request to be sent to Turkey.

Some of them have been waiting on the island of Chios for almost 2 months after the EU Turkey deal went into effect on March 20th, 2016. They have no perspective for a future in Europe.

Local police has reported received deportation applications by 22 Afghans and Syrians and 100 by other nationalities that have not been disclosed.

Greek authorities have to submit these requests to Turkey and the Frontex. “There have been also similar requests in recent past, but the refugees and migrants reportedly stepped back at the last moment,” local media report.

migrants swimm to turkey1

On Monday, 4 migrants from Morocco jumped into the water and tried to reach the Turkish city of Cesme by swimming a distance of some  10 nautical miles. They were wearing life vests. However, they were spotted by a fishing boat and were turned back to Chios by the Greek coast guard.

Excellent video by GreekReporter.

According to local media, another 2 migrants made a similar attempt on Tuesday.


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  1. This EU policy is illegal, a terrible mess and a disgrace for Europe and Greece.

  2. Make USA great again

    Yes agree wholeheartedly. My additional concern is what precautions are made when these people attempt to swim back to Turkey? Are there any known routes or will they be lost at sea?? I think they should be assisted with basic provisions when set back across the Aegean and not be allowed to swim alone and risk their lives? Maybe they could be assisted by Frontex during their voluntary repatriation attempt?