Wednesday , November 30 2022
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Big Fail: The EU’s Relocation & Resettlement scheme

The Relocation and Resettlement scheme for asylum seekers falls short and thus far beyond EU’s expectations. Apparently, the EU member-states are happy to have gotten rid of the problem and have 54,000 refugees stuck in Greece. What if the EU calls its member states again and again to” take action and support the management of the refugees flows.”


Remember this ambitious EU target of “6,000 relocations from Greece per month”?

PS awaiting for next EU report claiming that Greece does not do enough to protect its EU’s external borders :p

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  1. It’s between 80,000 and 90,000 according to my estimations. It was clear from the outset that other EU countries were not prepared to keep to the legally binding agreement — yet demanded that Greece conform to every crossed t and dotted i of the Schengen Border Code. Greece cannot be prosecuted for its minor irregularities, whereas all of the EU countries that refuse to obey the relocation law are acting illegally.

    This is potentially the beginning of the end of the EU — where the rule of law counts for fuck all, and political/economic power is all that matters. Got that, Hungary? Austria? Germany?

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Portugal is waiting to take in 10.000, 6 weeks ago already for 6.000 there were apartments in houses.