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DefMin Kammenos calls VAT hikes as “criminal” & “unconstitutional”; he voted for them on Sunday

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos lamented Value Added Tax hikes for six islands. He described the hikes as “criminal” and “unconstitutional” and claimed that he was about to resign exactly for this austerity measure.

“The VAT hike on the islands is a criminal act, an unconstitutional decision for which we gave a fight in and outside the Parliament.”

He further said that the fight could not be won at this stage and that the government would restore this “injustice” as soon as the first benefits show up.

He claimed he came close to resign because of this specific measure – while all Greeks were thinking he was about to resign if the freezing of promotion and wage increases for the Greek Armed Forces weren’t scrapped.

He made this statement on the island of Syros, one of the six islands that will see scrapping of 30% VAT reduction next month.

What is odd is that Kammenos and his party voted in favor of this and other austerity measures worth 5.4 billion euro just 36 hours ago, on Sunday evening. And not only that: Kammenos had also voted for VAT hikes in another group of islands in summer 2015.

PS so we have a government that votes unconstitutional measures? It’s not the first government though, all governments have been doing this since 2010, one has just to count the Supreme Court decisions – it’s probably part of agreement between Greece and the neo-liberal lenders.

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