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UPD Greece’s public sector: Education Ministry plans exams to “legalize” 2,500 fake high-school certificates

Sometimes I really fail to understand the logic of this government. Greek Education Ministry plans to “legalize” 2,500 fake high-school degrees obtained by civil servants. “we have looked into the issue and have found them [2,500 fake school degrees],” a “source” told  Avgi, a daily close to SYRIZA.

The source added that the ministry plans to “organize special exams in order to legalize” these fake certificates.

According to the daily, these certificates are been issued by certain private schools with “virtual” students. Many of these schools are allegedly in the area of Piraeus.

Last week, the Federation of Private Education Workers of Greece (OIELE) complained to Public Administration authorities that “20 people were hired in a single day” and that they were holders of certificates issued by a specific technical school.

From what I read, it is not clear though when exactly these people were hired in the public sector and to which ministries, departments, sections etc because due to Lender’s Loan Agreements (MoU) hiring does not happen every day.

It looks as if high-school students who has problems in schools, abandon public school a grade before finishing high-school and go to these specific private schools that issue the fake certificates.

There is apparently a decision by Labor Ministry that those holders of illegal certificates currently working in the public sector, or are awaiting to be hired, will have to pass through exams again to obtain legitimate qualification to ensure transparency and equality before the law “.

The daily notes that “such issues underline the need for regulation of private education and to restore labor relations under the control of the Education Ministry.”

I am puzzled and it’s not the first time.

Two. And A Half. Thousands. Fake certificates! Why should they keep working in the public sector if they have submitted fake or illegally obtained certificates? Because they can add <100+100> or something…

Or are the certificates not fake but there is something deeper in power struggle between public and private education?

And isn’t it unjust towards the masses of jobless with real certificates?

PS sometimes you are unable get the whole picture of a single story in the in Greek media, and making your own investigation needs lots of time – and resources.

UPDATE: as the case has taken the form of a ‘scandal’ more information about who? what? and when? has come out.

It looks as if these school degrees are not fake but rather illegitimate issued by private schools – mostly technical schools – that have lost their license at some point.

They are considered as “bought” school degrees.

The aim of the exams is to prove whether the degree was “bought” or earned.

There are claims that the ‘students’ were paying €5,000-€15,000 toget such a degree and that they never attended the schools in reality.

The issue first came up in 2005 (!) and the exams regulation goes back to New Democracy with Law 3577/2007. However, the exams never took place and therefore the issue remains open for those who received the school degrees by private schools that were fined or lost their license.

I heard on Star TV this morning, that many of the holders of such “illegitimate” school degrees are close to retirement age.

Nevertheless as Greeks are famous for their short fish-memory, ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis lashed out at the government saying it is a sign of “villainy if the holders of fake school degrees remain in the public sector.

In a statement Greek Educaiton Ministry said that these cases refer to school degrees obtained between 2004 and 2008.

PS yes, we are in Greece… *sigh*


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