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Migrant commits suicide in the center of Larissa

A young migrant took his life in the center of the city of Larissa, in central Greece. According to local media, the man was found to have hanged himself from a tree very close to one of the main streets of the city. According to locals, the young man was allegedly wandering around in the area a couple of hours before the incident begging for food and saying he had not eaten anything for 5 days. But the claims are based on hear-saying.

“It was shortly after midnight when passersby found the young man hanging from a tree in the pedestrians zone just a couple of meters away from one of the main streets of Larissa. He had apparently stepped on the bench under the tree, tied the noose and put an end to his life.

“A few hours earlier, the man was wandering in the neighborhood begging for food and saying that he hadn’t eaten anything for 5 days,” local resident said.

Immediately police and the ambulance service were called in, according to information the young man was apparently a migrant of Asian origin.

Police Directorate Larisa is conducting investigation.”  via ThessaliaTV

In the video uploaded by local Thessalia TV, what residents in the area say is based on hear-saying. According to some of them, the man was of Pakistani origin, around 30 years old.

“I heard, he was asking for food in the shops in the area, he was certainly desperate,” the woman says on camera adding that the local community helps those in need.

The old man on the video was apparently eyewitness when  the body was discovered.


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  1. Let us hope that the poor man’s death was not in vain — that people will think twice before refusing food or help to those in need. And it is not relevant whether this is a Greek, refugee or illegal migrant: we are all human beings.

  2. horsefeathers, Greeks ALWAYS feed the hungry. They have always been compassionate. That media crock parallels what’s found in the National Inquirer to sell headlines and BS.