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Greece to co-produce Kalashnikov rifles with Russia

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos was proud to announce a joint Greek-Russian project: the co-production of Kalashnikov riffles in a factory in Aigio in northern Peloponnese. But the manufacture will not start tomorrow. It will start as soon as the European Union ends the embargo on Russia. Only then Greece will seek to obtain a license to manufacture Kalashnikov assault rifles.

“We are ready to begin manufacturing Kalashnikovs in Patra as soon as the Russian embargo is over,” Kammenos told the defense parliamentary committee on Tuesday evening. The Greek Arms Industry (now Greek Defense Systems) would manufacture the assault rifles, he said. Ηowever he did not elaborate whether 100% of the production will take place in Greece or just part of it or just fitting.

He added that “with approval and certification by the NATO, Greece would be able to sell the rifles to any member of the North Atlantic Alliance.”

The verbal proposal for the co-production was made by Russia reportedly already a year ago, during Kammeno’s visit to Moscow.

Panos Kammenos said further that the GDS has already activated agreements with India  and the GAI expands its partnerships with Dassault and Lockheed-Martin , while partnership with Egypt is under consideration.

PS The Nato and the USA to approve the Russian ka-la-shni-kov? I want to see this!

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Hunters need the sport-version?

  2. Don’t be surprised KTG if it gets approved. The US recently sent three big cargo planes to Serbia to pick up small weapons there with destination unknown. You know, somebody has to supply weapons to rebels/freedom fighters everywhere.

  3. Well, if the embargo is the problem, then why not put the money where the mouth is? It’s up for review soon, and needs unanimous, 28 EU member approval to be extended. All Greece needs to do is veto it and all is well, no more sanctions. In fact, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea anyway. But why weapons? Wouldn’t agricultural products be a much better, less deadly but of course also less profitable trade? Or the joint development of solar energy maybe? After all, even the Russian Federation will, at some point, run out of oil and gas. There is little chance of Greece running out of sun…