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Turkish gov’t allows Koran recitations in Hagia Sophia and shocks Orthodox Christians (video)

For the first time after 81 years, the Turkish government allowed Koran recitations inside the ultimate symbol of Orthodox Christianity, the Hafia Sophia in Istanbul.  All thought the month of Ramazan form 6th June to July 7th, state Television & Radio corporation (TRT) will broadcast a live program with prayers and the program will be hosted at Hagia Sophia.

The program “Hagia Sophia – Time for Blessing” with Koran recitations and discussions on”brotherhood in Islam, justice, unity, solidarity and charity” went on air at 2:00 a.m. Monday morning and will be aired every day for 29 days.

Koran recitations in the symbol of Orthodox Christianity? Greeks went furious and describe the unpreparedness move as “unbelievable provocation” and “a shock” for the Orthodox Christians.

In a very diplomatic language, the Greek Foreign Ministry spoke of an “outdated and incomprehensible” move that shows “disrespect” towards historical religious sites. Conservative New Democracy said it is “lack of respect towards all Orthodox Christians worldwide.”

The Basilica of Hagia Sophia dedicated to “Holy Wisdom” was built in 537 AD and served as Orthodox cathedral and seat of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch until 1453 when the Byzantine Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks.

From 1204 until 1261,  it was converted by the Fourth Crusaders to a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Latin Empire of Constantinople.

The building was an imperial mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1931. Under the founder of modern Turkey, secular Mustaf Kemal Ataturk, Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum on 1 February 1935.

Ever since the moderate muslim but very conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) of now president Recept Tayyip Erdogan gained power in 2004, there have been several attempts to open the Hagia Sophia as a mosque. From time to time, small groups of fanatics would gather outside the building and recite the Koran.

However, just a couple of days ago, on the anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople on May 29, thousands of Muslim worshipers flocked to Hagia Sophia museum and demanded the right to pray there.

An imam led a prayer in front of the building and the crowd called for it to be restored as a Muslim place of worship.

“Let the chains break, open Hagia Sophia,” the crowd chanted

“In the name of thousands of our brothers we demand to be allowed to pray inside the Hagia Sophia mosque,” said Salih Turhan, the president of the Anatolia Youth Association which organized the demonstration.

Of course, everyone who has a knowledge of how Turkish politics and “crowd mobilization” operates knows very well that without government approval demonstration normally end in clouds of tear gas and heads cracked by police batons.

Did Erdogan allowed the usage of Hagia Sophia as a ‘mosque’ in order to take revenge for the German recognition of the Armenian genocide? Yes, he did. An AKP MP posted on Twitter that “as reaction to German recognition of Armenian genocide, Hagia Sophia should be open for prayers.”

Jun 2

Madem; ABD, PKK ve Paraleli sahiplendi. Almanya, soykırım yalanına sarıldı. Dostluk rafa kaldırıldı. Sıra bizde; Ayasofya ibadete açılmalı.
The United States embraced the PKK and the Parallel [system]. Germany fell into genocide lie. Friendship stayed on the shelf . Our turn; Open HagiaSophia for worship.”
What’s next? Hagia Sophia to reopen as a mosque? Nobody would be surprised if this happens. But then Turkey should not demand respect form others if it shows no respect to others.

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  1. The Turks seem to be hellbent (pardon the pun) to fulfill the End Times prophecies. Rejoice, for with God’s will Constantinople is soon coming home!

  2. What is the link to Germany then???
    Soon in churches all over Europe. Oh wait, that is actually already happening under the banner of “tolerance and interfaith dialogue”. Too bad that that is one sided though. It is not happening in Islamic countries (actually the ME is being cleansed of Christians) while new Christian churches cannot be opened in Turkey.
    Not that I am religious or anything. Religion is just opium for the masses (finally something I and some communist responders here on KTG can agree on, although communism is just another opium for the masses, another church). The cultural relativists should realize they are just useful idiots to the religious zealots claiming “tolerance and interfaith dialogue” in order to advance their dominance. Want another example? Erdogan said that democracy is like a train. “When I get to my destination I will get off”. Seems like he has arrived.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      link to Germany? Christianity

      • Yes, but Germany is predominantly Protestant with also a sizeable Catholic part of the population. Orthodox, not so much (and many don’t give a toss about religion). And Protestantism/Catholicism vs. Orthodox Christianity do not show very good relations. I doubt that very few in Germany care about what happens in Hagia Sophia. In Orthodox countries this will matter and perhaps this is then part of a cunning plan to divide Europe. You know, Turk blame Germany for ‘having to send a message’. Anyway, perhaps the blonde myth you wrote about can come to the rescue.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          you think, Turkey sees a difference there? For the community of the Middle East world, Christians = Crusades & occupation, Basta!

          • For many in the Balkans, Islam is invasion, occupation and oppression. Basta! Yeah, the Crusades, they were pretty nasty but they were a reaction to Mo’s violent conquest of the ME. Islam has invaded and attacked Europe more than vice versa. Anyway, all the above happened over hundreds of years ago. Religion would like to take us back to that age: people dumb, poor and scared.
            The world would be a better place without organised religion, whether that is Islam or Christianity. I don’t doubt the need of people of a faith, which is psychology, but it all goes wrong when some men with funny hats says they know what is best for the sheeple. Anyway, pagan religion is much more interesting.

  3. Erdogan Piccolo uomo che odora di cadavere

  4. There is only ONE GOD. I pray that GOD brings down all such buildings that serve to divide one man from another and plants trees and flowers for bees to pollinate there instead. The trees, flowers, and bees are more holy than any man-made places of worship that we keep trying to dominate and take from one another. Shame on all of us for ever wasting our energy on proving that any religion is stronger or better than any other that prays to the same God almighty. The proof that a religion is stronger, should be that it helps nature to survive the pollution of man and that it helps man survive against the evil of other men. It should not be that the religion has control over buildings that are bigger and better.

  5. ktg, I think this is another step in the war on Greece / greek culture Kissinger style and sanctioned by the Atlantic Alliance. I don’t see Washington, Brussels, any EU country, the Vatican or other religions objecting to this….

  6. And the stupid gouverment of Romania accepted to buil a great,huge mosque in Bucharest, in an orthodox city and country,where our land remembers the blood of our fathers who have died to protect christianity….

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      “Christianity” you can only defend where it belongs, in the middle-east and not where it not belongs, be it Amerika, Australia or Rumania, outside of the Middle East its imperialism. Better build a madhouse in middle east for all religious bumfucks and keep the world sober from this bullshit; governments that believe in god have to resign as they got hallucinations.

      • The Middle East is not the origin of Christianity, even if it was the birthplace of Christ. Christianity is a European propaganda project, designed to facilitate control of the people in the days of empires and various forms of enslavement. It has been supplanted in most of Europe by democratic political processes — a different style of propaganda plus control. The fact that other countries are in a different phase of their socio-political evolution means just that — and we in Europe should not get upset about it.
        And for that matter, I am not sure that I disagree with the Turkish comment about Greece not allowing mosques to be built in Athens, when there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who want to worship. If Greece cannot respect Islamic belief, you cannot really expect the Turks to behave any better.

        • I do think that the ME was the birthplace of Christianity. It later exported itself to Rome where after a brutal oppression of the religions it became Rome’s State religion for the reasons you mention. After that Christianity conquered the rest of Europe and imposed its dogmas on the European population. Knowledge attained during millennia before that was suppressed and European development was stopped in its tracks for almost a thousand years. Islam then had a period of unprecedented growth and development but then they took a wrong turn somewhere.
          It was only after the reformation and the religious wars in Europe that a new path towards democracy, renaissance, freedom of thought etc. was taken. But unlike what the structuralists think, this is not a logical path of succession. Civilizations can be thrown back in development for a number of reasons whether they are socio-cultural-economical or related to climate and natural phenomena.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Remains the problem that in ancient times most people must have been much more smarter than people of today, as they didn’t believe in religion and that was the reason it was so easy for sects to continue their cults in places that were somehow sacred for a local minority but not so sacred or important for many gatherings like praying.
            It’s somehow funny and stupid to see that these idiots have no self-esteem and just occupy another temple for their bullshit but it makes sense as this bullshit is all stolen from old cults of mentioned minorities.

          • And people back then also did not have TV to distract them from thinking for themselves. And they actually also knew some skills.