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Doctor prescribes Aspirin for patient – Reason “Accident in Spaceship”

Did you know that there spaceships in Greece and that somebody can have an accident with it? Or in it? I’m sure you didn’t know. But apparently, there are. And not only there are, Greece’s Health System has made provision for such cases. It has “specific codes” to cover treatment after an accident with or within a spaceship.

Therefore a doctor found it easy to prescribe a package of active substance “acetylsalicylic acid“, i.e. Aspirin, for a patient who needed a prescription for an accident of a special kind. Retail price €1.20 and patient’s self-participation €0.30.

As reason for the electronic prescription, two codes have been picked:

Code “V [unreadable].4: accident in spaceship and injury of the passenger”

and Code “X52 prolonged stay in conditions of gravity absence.”

spaceship accident

A copy of the prescription was allegedly featured in the morning magazine program of private ANT1 TV.

Given the fact that Aspirin has been a rarity in Greece in the last 7-8 years, I have reasons to suspect the patient was an alien.

PS I wouldn’t be surprised, if it is a hoax and these codes on Greek Health e-prescriptions are fake. Otherwise, I have my suspicions what has happened… shhh…

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