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Germany postpones decision on bailout tranche, Greece’s gov’t reacts

The Budget Committee of German Parliament (Bundestag) postponed the decision for the release of the bailout tranche for Greece. on Wednesday.

“We have not released yet the istallment of the next bailout tranche as the implementation of a small remnant of the agreed measures by the Greek Government is still pending”, said the budget policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group, Eckhardt Rehberg (CDU) in Berlin on Wednesday. “Once these measures have been implemented, we will take up the issue again.” There were no serious problems with the completion of the first program review.

KTG understands that the Committee decided not to release the bailout tranche following a recommendation of the German Finance Ministry.

“In a letter to the Budget Committee, the Federal Ministry of Finance had communicated  that the final release of the aid depended on the final confirmation of the implementation of emergency measures by the Greek government.

The EU, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could not give final confirmation in their latest updated report no final confirmation. However, a final confirmation was held out in prospect.”
The tranche includes EUR 10.3 billion. It is intended for the debt service and the reduction of arrears. A first tranche of EUR 7.5 billion is expected to happen in June. (via dpa)
Six Eurozone Parliaments have to approve the release of the bailout tranche.
UPDATE: Greek government reacted rather cool, and government sources told media that the issue will be solved tomorrow at the Euro Working Group meeting in Helsinki that will formally confirm that “all measures agreed have been implemented by Greece.”
Strictly between us, I would like to know why the Committee sat down to take a decision, when the Woflgang Schaeuble told them no toa nd what it seems the formal procedure was not concluded. One word fits here, a nice Greek word:
 Καψώνι [ Kapsoni] = harassment, chicanery, play a trick, = Schikane

PS I assume, that the last ‘pending’ issues is something like “all cats must wear blue collars” or something.

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  1. The Germans have turned (yet again) into the dirtiest people of Europe. Quite an achievement. One of the big mistakes of Varoufakis was to disallow criticism of Germans, and specifically his fake admiration of the idiot-crook Schaueble had no positive results for Greeks. I am afraid to say that we know from history how each European nation behaves, and what others have to do to deal with them. Hint: you don’t make peace with Germans.

    • That’s just racist. You assume Germans just can’t behave righteously because of their history.

      • Racist? You mean the basic foundation ideas of the Third Reich? Well, over several hundred years of history, Germans have shown how they like to behave. Of course, one should note that the historical achievements of Germans — such as the music of Bach and Beethoven — were always made by rebels, a tiny minority of Germans. The German people in general always followed like sheep, never challenging money and political power. Just as they did with Hitler, just as they do now. There are decent Germans — a tiny minority — who think and behave morally and independently. They have nothing to do with German politics, commercial power and the mass media: they are the tiny number of Bachs and Beethovens, rebelling against the conformist shit that has always constituted German behaviour.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          You mean the Krauts that learnt from history and so refuse to have any national identity? I’ve read something from a “religious feminist” woman from Turkey or so who has a huge problem with this: “They don’t know who they are? How can we integrate then?” hohoho, every time these Krauts get a cup…

  2. HAHA!
    Spoken like a true Greek 🙂
    As soon as you see a group of people coherently working together, compromising, making things work for everybody and all that on a pretty large scale where you have a left and right wing coalition you talk of sheep. You have no clue how strongly we debate AND get things done… Pretty much.
    But I know, you would rather have everybody incoherently running about, striking, dodging taxes, corruption,etc.
    Look where it got you!!! Wake up, it’s the 21st century, one needs to think on a bigger scale than that of a village.

    • Yup. Seimens has a history of bribery for over a century, which of course was legal until 2000. Volkswagen sells fraudulent emissions control systems and sells them on a global scale. That we should all emulate how they “make things work for everybody”.

      • Oh my god, you are right, germany is sooo corrupt:
        10th least corrupt country in the world, guess who s nr 58

        • Who says 10th least corrupt country? Are you referring to the TI reports, compiled from the opinions of businessmen who are assumed not to be corrupt? If so, that is a pile of tosh. Corruption exists across the world, and the richest countries seem to have become far more corrupt in hte last decade or two. Germany especially: which is part of how it is making its money.

          • You have such a bias and selectiv perception of things. Is there corruption in Germany, yes, so?
            But It’s low enough for the economy and public administration to work so everybody gets their fair share. In fact that’s what makes countries attractive for investment and guarantees a decent living standard.
            Just like sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.
            Not like italy, Spain and Greece

          • You guys are confusing cause and effect. You thinkgermany is well off because it’s corrupt while in fact it’s the other way around.
            HAHA,by your logic Greece should be sooo rich.
            No wonder things are so dire down there with that way of thinking 🙂

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            German Angst developed into German Lies, fucking Goebbels-media lies about lazy, tax-evading and lying Greeks but these lies are always coming from people like you who never did work any day of their life, as working class people know that it is the working class of Greece who pays the price, who had never any change to cheat tax as their taxes are VAT and/or taken by the patron, directly from wages paid to the state.

          • The reality is exactly the opposite of what you claim. The richest countries confine corruption to the very powerful and rich, thus increasing the divide between rich and poor. The accounting mechanisms of multinationals have been crooked for many decades — just to hide everything and pay fuck all taxes. Politicians are also now in the game, hiding their criminal gains in offshore banks. Luxembourg is the worst case in Europe, so the politicians of Europe appoint the architect of organised crime and tax evasion as president of the European Commission.
            What you call corruption is petty tax evasion by small businesses and individuals; this is endemic in southern Europe. It has nothing to do with the systematic fraud, tax evasion and looting of public assets that characterises northern Europe and the USA. Of course, you are right that the criminals who own big business and control the governments of Europe dislike the situation in southern Europe: they have problems engaging in their organised crime. However, the real issue at this time is that the organised criminals — the “creditors” — are determined to bleed Greece in perpetuity to extract every single euro they can. The fact that Germans are too conformist and propagandised to understand what is happening is a sad reflection of your culture. It is a repeat of the 1930s.

          • Please, don’t tell me anything about multinationals evading taxes. Their tax rates aren’t that high to begin with, and yes, they sink because it’s easy to substract losses.
            So what? You want them to have money to invest. States rely on personal incoome taxes anyway, that’s when money flows out of companies and those taxes are much higher.
            And guess what, germans actually pay those. No secret bank accounts in Panama or Switzerland, we took care of that years ago. Do people still evade taxes, sure, but we fought that for years.
            See, you shouldn’t think the whole world is like Greece where everybody tries to skrew the other over because you feel so free and call others conformist because they follow the law. We don’t have politicians crossing off their relatives from lists of tax evaders. 🙂
            Guess what. You have to get certain things in order if you want a certain living standard. You can’t have it both ways, just sell ice cream on the beach and plant zucchini and expect an average income of 4000 Euro.
            And stop with the nazi crap… Your situation is all your own fault. Sweden, the Netherlands, etc aren’t complaining about being oppressed by big bad nazi Germany and blame their situation on something that happened 75 years ago.
            And you would not be better off if you wouldn’t have to pay back the money you stole.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            sellig ist wer…

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            The war-debts-fraud is not 75 years ago, only 25, just short after your fucking “Wiedervereiterung” that your boss-criminal Kohl didn’t call so, as part of the fraud. Pay your war-debts or get nuked, very simple… North Corea needs money and sells nukes cheap and loves to see if their nukes suck or not.

          • Yeah,get their nukes, that’s all you can afford. May they blow up in your faces.
            And no, ww2 was over 75 years ago. At a certain point one runs out of excuses. Why is it none of the other countries like gb, france, etc are ok with how things worked out?

          • You continue with your stupid delusions. And I have said before, I am not Greek I am British. A citizen of the country that you Krauts are now begging to remain in the EU,,, lolol.

          • Yeah, because Britain is refusing to commit to common values and a united Europe. You always pride yourself for fighting Germany a looong time ago, yet nowadays you are the most xenophobic anti~immigrant nation in the eu. You are not ashamed to exploit the idea of a solidaric eu for national populism.
            Get the fuck out, that way we would have less racists in the eu and we forbid you to come to the eu.

          • The Uk became very racist and xenophobic, partly over the lack of democracy and decency in Europe. Like many others, I reject that racism and xenophobia — which is actually much worse in eastern europe. The fact is that Europe needs the UK to keep the Krauts under control: every few decades they need a violent kick up the backside so that they remember their place.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          In Greece German companies are Süper-League, always number one! Surely in 2000 it never hit any statistics – German corruption deemed legal – but hey, what a brilliant position with only 2 billions in Greece one can imagine the real amounts and where are the 2 billions in bribes this great German gentlemen stole of Greece? Alone Krauss Maffei paid 256 millions to make Greece buy some yellow submarines that were unable to ship or never got constructed… the one rusty will surely make up a cool nightclub.
          And 2 billion were just the bribes for overcharged tanks, submarines and the Olympic Games that made the latter become 3 times so expensive than in Sydney or Barcelona, so all in all we are a lot above the 5 billion of Papandreou’s 1st ever austerity-package (still without any EU-involvement), it were exactly the same 5 billion big-business austerity (aka “competition”) from cutting their taxes from 42% down to 20/25% and the same 5-6 billion some Sheiks wanted to pay for the old airport, that now goes for 900 million to the Mafia because EU didn’t allow to cover 5 billion outside its interferences.

          • You seem totally incoherent. Always rumbling on about nazis, banksters, etc. No connection and clear thought 🙂
            STOP blaming everything on somebody else! The Netherlands, Sweden, portugal, Latvia, etc. Don’t have these problems with us!

      • Gosh. I forgot that pillar of integrity, Deutsche Bank AG. LIBOR rate fixing and filing false mortgage documents. Billions in fraud. Of course, I’m sure this was also done to “make things work for everybody”.

        • In german we say ,,exceptions confirm the norm”. The low corruption rate is our locational advantage, as opposed to for example italy, etc.
          By working for everybody I mean a functioning economy that supports decent wages, pensions and a welfare state.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            This blog is not about the fatherland – except from the kaputt-krauts, may be but many of them are expats living in Greece – and the German ranking in and for Greece is: Corruption-World-Champion, look into Guinees book for the years 1995 to 2003, every year world-champ.
            Your exceptions in Krautland and may be the world play not even a role of a fart for Greece, as in Greece German corruption is the norm: Hoch-Tief, Bilfinger-Berger, Krauss-Maffei, Siemens, aso all come out of the same German scumbag of corruption to sell uncompetitive crap double the usual price, also Germoney is the paradise for Mafia-money and it’s their money that’s getting washed there and being the main force behind any economic power, so thank the Cosa Nostra, Ndraghetta and Cammorra, they enjoy the competition there so much they don’t even need to shoot any-one in Krautland.

          • Yes, foreign money is being washed here, but that’s only cause our wconomy is big enough to soak it up and we don’t know where all the money comes from, so if it’s legal or not.
            And no, Germany actually has pretty low corruption, that’s why it’s so attractive to invest here.
            Stop blaming everything on big bad Germany, like I said, there are lots of small countries like Sweden and the Netherlands that know that they are responsible for their own well being and don’t blame everything on nazi Germany

          • It must be such a sadness for you that there is no longer a Hitler Youth for you to join. A word of advice from the older generation: try thinking for yourself instead of vomiting German propaganda all over the web.

          • No, i just comment here. I just don’t find idiots like this anywhere else.
            I believe you on the older generation. Your views are so outdated.

          • Until 2000, only after pressure from the EU, bribery was the legal, tax deductible norm for German firms, as long as those bribes were paid to get foreign business. Still didn’t stop Siemens from buying business outside German for several years. But I do have to hand it to you, your claimed “low corruption rate” is greater in Euros than the GDP of many countries.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      calm down

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Smart Phone – Smart Murder: Another 6 million holocaust, not for gold-teeth but this time for Coltan that is your “global” village; only made for the minority, the metropolitan overpopulation, the 1st world.

  3. From someone who has followed the Greek story over the recent years I, too as a non-Greek, can only see that every obstacle to the Greek people trying to rebuild their lives despite all the harsh measures, has been led mainly by Germany, aka Mr Schaueble. Every time there is consensus and more measures approved by the Greek Government, in he steps with his unhelpful obstructions. I understand that most of the money Greece gets is returned to pay off the interest on the interest to the banks of which the Bundesbank is one of the main recipients. History does repeat itself but this time in my view, occupation by austerity. Yes the Greeks are not perfect.. but hey “he without sin cast the first stone”

    • The bundesbank is not a recipient. Private banks who lent Greece money are getting their investments back after Greece lied about it’s true indebtedness.
      Germany is profiting from the low interest rates, yes, but only because we have a balanced, solid budget.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        The reason why someone pays interest is the risk, so any “lies” – that still are not proven – are their own lies. The low interest rates come from ECB and brought Germoney some 200 billion profits – plus their exports due to the by them and ECB fuck up Euro – also only in 2011 the interest profits by Bundesbank were 360 million, Greece pays billions just interest to “friends” for “rescue”, she paid already more than 50 billion “back”.

        • No, all of the euro countries profit from the ecb quantitative easing which keeps interest rates low, the only country not eligible is Greece, just cause they skrewed up, portugal, italy profit.
          And the only interest rates greece pays is for the debt the eu took on for Greece. And the rates are really low because 18 eurogroup countries, many of which are just as poor as Greece, guarantee for it in case you Don’t pay up.
          Basically you are living on everybody s elses expense.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            On other expenses lives goes your austerity terrorism: 30.000 people murdered in Greece since 2010, murdered by capitalistic bastard-creatures like you.

          • Buuhuuu, poor Greeks. Stop crying and learn from Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria,etc. Those countries get along with what they have and don’t claim a right to an unsustainable live style

          • Interesting, you are now openly insisting that other countries should be in poverty while Germans rake in the money from manipulating the eurozone and their criminal activities in international markets. Sounds like Adolf’s ideas to me: did you forget to mention the Jews?

          • Garbage. The interest rate is low across the world because we are in a crisis of capitalism, analogous to that of the 1930s (but not identical). The current crisis is caused by near-collapse of the global financial system, largely owing to corruption and greed. This has nothing to do with Greece, and everything to do with the USA, UK, Germany, France et al.
            As for the high interest rates Greece is paying, this is German malice to punish Greece for its alleged sins. It has nothing to do with economics, and everything to do with political and financial power within the eurozone. Or abuse of power, to be more precise.

          • Shut uuup. Stop with the conspiracy theories.
            I didn’t believe the financial meltdown scenarios eight years ago and I don’t today.
            And don’t tell me it hasn’t happened yet because Germany is saving itself at the expense of Greece. Like Greece would be able 🙂

      • Germany does not have a balanced economy. It has nett exports and a depressed domestic economy, with poor investment and is totally dependent on the situation of the rest of the world. It is in effect a parasite economy, and cannot sustain itself. The balanced budget nonsense is extreme right wing propaganda and nothing to do with mainstream economics.

        • I wrote balanced budget, dumb-ass.
          We only export so much cause we work hard and no, actually we have record consumption right now.
          Plus, we would be glad if other countries would have stronger economies because it’s about growing the economic pie, not redistributing it.
          You are such an economic illiterate

          • keeptalkinggreece

            GER does not allow other EZ countries to develop a strong economy as it wants to be the one & only EZ/EU ruler

          • Yeeesss, we got the whole world under our thumbs, in fact a. Merkel is a nazi agent that came back from the secret Nazi base on the moon and caused the financial crisis.
            In fact she is causing the economic slow-down in China right now 🙂

          • Germany does not have a balanced budget anyway: it runs budget surpluses and leaves the country starved of investment, with depressed demand — all because you are too stupid to understand how economies work. It is a Protestant morality economic model — based on conformist thinking and ignorance.

          • Your appalling ignorance of economics is matched only by the small size of your brain. If you don’t understand economics, try listening to those who are expert in the matter. And I don’t mean the half-wit in a wheelchair, but people trained and published in the matter such as myself.

          • So telling how you are calling out a handicapped.
            Please don’t publish anything like that, expert 🙂

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Someone who gots no own resources at all should work real hard and drill for oil in ones backyard, you instead get resources from ugly dictators, that are responsible for IS-terror, to call this hard work is more than an ugly joke, it’s just imperialism of cowards that with each cut off head cheer each other at the gas-station for the fuel prices getting lower.

  4. I reckon they aren’t going to release anything until after the UK Referendum vote, then…….well it depends on the result!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Ι think they will release the money 2 days before Referendum in order to influence it

      • My thoughts as well. Violate the sovereignty of one country to influence the sovereign affairs of another.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    Guys, the “discussion” here is OVER