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PM Tsipras: “Gov’t gears for fair growth & sustainable jobs” – But until this happens…

The government is gearing its efforts towards achieving fair economic growth that will create long-lasting and decent jobs, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday evening, as he introduced the government’s plan “Greece 2021: Fair growth, productive reconstruction”, at an event at the Acropolis Museum.

“The main focus now is growth and all government efforts are geared towards one strategic target: promoting fair growth,” he said. “Fair growth is a vision that has nothing to do with what meanings previous governments gave to development. Our differences with those who destroyed the country are chaotic.”

Tsipras attacked previous governments, saying what they considered as success were the “ruins they left behind” – the dwindling wages and pensions, the abolition of collective labor agreements and the relentless shrinking of the public sector.

“On the contrary, for us growth means re-integrating our economy in the global division of labor, creating an economy with productive skills, healing the wounds of the welfare state, [creating] a wide range of productive activities, cooperative schemes of social economy, entrepreneurship oriented towards the production of viable and decently paid jobs,” he said.

Until all these nice things happen and the Labor Reforms demanded by Creditors come into effect, I will have to find a story to comfort all the 45+ unemployed friends and relatives as they hardly have chances to return to labor market.

One has to just look at offered Job vacancies nowadays: employers seek employees maximum 30-35 years old. A friend, 55, long-term unemployed who tries to get a job as “seniors carer” was telling me the other day of her nice experience. A grandpa told her on the phone “at this age, you have no chance by me!” adding he wanted somebody young, maximum 45 years old. “I was hearing his false denture clapping on the phone and I was about to bust into laughter,” she said. she keeps looking around and make phone calls. For a job of 500 euro, without social security and no chance to reach the number of required IKA stamps to get a descent pension.

PS fair growth is something like fair trade…?

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  1. Tsipras must also be waiting for pigs to fly and cows to jump over the moon.

  2. Hector Belascoaran

    Tsipras lies, the labor reform requested from ue is the opposite of good salary, welfare and workers dignity. Look at the sentence ‘for us growth means re-integrating our economy in the global division of labor’

    But Tsipras knowa what is the place of greece (and italy of course) into the global division of labor view? Ask him to give you some info.

  3. I happened to read this 24-point proposal prepared by a former Minister of Greece. Perhaps this is something which Alexis Tsipras should look at.