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Juncker excessively praises Greeks for having survived the crazy creditors’ lab tests

Effusive as always with big smiles and bigger hugs. European Commission President  Jean-Claude Juncker enjoys a nice two-day visit in Athens, with delicious expensive fish eating (all bones removed!) and wandering around praising Greece and the Greeks to the left and to the right with an unprecedented generosity – and sending a powerful message to …Brits who will vote for Brexit or Bremain Referendum on Thursday.

I have been really thrilled to hear Juncker speaking of “large and important Greek people,” of Greece that “has been and will remain a great big nation”, of his “profound admiration for the courage and determination of the Greek people especially the most vulnerable ones,”  of how he appreciates the sacrifices of the Greeks – “an outside observer hardly realizes how much weight was asked to pick up by every Greek” – and to demand “I ask respect for the dignity of the Greeks.”

He also stressed that “both the EU and Greece have made mistakes” but things were settled now.

Juncker met with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whom he considers his “god child” or something like that. when Juncker arrived at Maximos Mansion, young Tsipras came down the stairs to welcome him.

Junkcer – Tsipras : hugs & killing me softly …

Αγκαλιές και φιλιά Τσίπρα – Γιούνκερ στο Μαξίμου - Ζητώ τον σεβασμό στην αξιοπρέπεια των Ελλήνων

“I welcome the good friend of Greece,” Tsipras told Juncker  before falling into each other arms.

Later, the Prime Minister tweeted:

57m57 minutes ago Greece

Καλωσορίζουμε τον πρ. Γιούνκερ, έναν υποστηρικτή της Ευρ. ιδέας, φίλο της χώρας σε μια κρίσιμη στιγμή για την Ευρώπη

“We welcome President Juncker, supporter of the European idea, friend of the country, at a crucial moment for Europe.”

Both Juncker and Tsipras expressed content that Greece is on the right track, growth will come and jobs will be created for the youth.

The Commission President did not forget to praise also himself for the EU’s development & growth plans and said that “we have approved tow important investment plans for Greece.”

They maybe said other important things but my attention was obstructed.

tsipras juncker

                              Que sera, sera
                        Whatever will be, will be
                      The future’s not ours to see
                           Que sera, sera
                     What will be, will be
I hope, nobody dared pinching Juncker and spoil his dream by telling him that an unemployed man, 52, tied his foot and his hand on a tree and cut his throat, last week. But the village XYZ is far far away from Brussels and the man was just a number in EU statistics and in lenders’ spreadsheets.

Unconfirmed rumors claim that Juncker was surprised to see some Greeks were still alive and that not all Greeks were exterminated by the strict austerity and the other tests the crazy scientists of creditors have been applying on Greece’s lab rats since May 2010.

PS some mean Greeks reckon on social media, that Juncker was part of the EU-Lenders blackmail campaign against Greece. But you know, these “mean Greeks” are “mean” by definition and have zero gratitude whatsoever.


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  1. Always interesting to hear what a corrupt, habitual drunk has to say. Junker is the symbol of what’s wrong with the EU: second rate politicians who get a second career in Brussels kissing ass to entrenched interests and destroying people’s lives while continuing to live high on the hog themselves. And this will continue for a while since like they say in Greek: kapo skyli, pswfo den exei.

  2. Dear Jean-Claude

    Please check your records. It seems a check you promised never arrived, and the Greeks, whose dignity you so publicly respect, would appreciate it if you put the money where your mouth is.