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EU bogeymen urge Greece to implement Reforms asap, as “patience is exhausted”

Whoever thought or hoped that the European Union would learn a lesson form the Brexit vote was wrong – me included. They keep repeating the same mantra as every year and scaremongering tactics against Greece.

Speaking to Greek reporters in Brussels on Monday, two senior EU officials said that

the Greek government should go ahead and quickly implement the economic program in order to avoid complications due to Brexit.

The one “EU source” added that

the patience of several member-states has been exhausted, while the extra dedication by many to solve the puzzle of Brexit could lead major players to not be able to intervene in the Greek issue when it becomes necessary like in case of a new crisis.

At the same time, “the EU source” clarified that

“although the increased political uncertainty in the EU could lead the attention away from the reforms in Greece, the institutions do not intend at this stage to appear milder in the implementation of the Memorandum in view of the forthcoming program review in autumn.”

According to another top EU official,

“Possible changes in the program could be discussed if the economic conditions catalytically change as the MoUs are not written on a stone.” (via ToVima)

PS if the EU keeps acting like Europe’s bogeyman and keeps bulling Greece and UK,  I don’t think, its life expectancy will last as planned.


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