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German ex Minister Ramsauer tells photographer: “Don’t Touch me, Filthy Greek!”

Unbelievable racism by a Bavarian politician member of the delegation accompanying German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel in Athens. According to Greek media, the incident took place on Thursday during the visit of the German delegation  in Prime Minister Mansion and while photo reporters were trying to capture the best angle during the official photo-shooting for Gabriel and Tsipras.

“Μη με αγγίζεις βρομιάρη Έλληνα”: Έτσι έγινε η ρατσιστική επίθεση σε φωτορεπόρτερ μέσα στο Μαξίμου

  Achtung! Racist sees red!  others on photo: Tsipras, Gabriel, Stathakis

Inside the building of the Prime Ministry, the photographer of  state Athens News Agency accidentally pushed Peter Ramsauer (CSU) whose immediate reaction was to say in German Do not touch me, filthy Greek!”

His colleagues informed the photographer about what the Bavarian politician had said, the reporter asked Ramsauer to repeat the phrase in English. And indeed, the former German Federal Transport Minister boldly repeated it!

Ramsauer later denied the incident and claimed that he suffered …bruises from the contact with the photographer.

“The incident was confirmed by the official photographer of Sigmar Gabriel,” daily Avgi notes.

As expected about this unprecedented insult, tension went high and the Greeks asked the German delegation to apologize for this despicable behavior of Ramsauer.

The German delegation but also the German Embassy in Athens reportedly apologized.

In a statement, Greek Photo-Reporters’ Union condemned the “discrediting reaction” by Ramsauer and described him as “arrogant” thus noting that the GPhU “recognizes that the greatest challenge to who occasionally hold power is the modest management of it.”

According to German newspaper Die Welt, Ramsauer claimed that he “was pushed aside by a pressing photographer  with a powerful ribs hook.” Late Friday and after he has returned from Athens, the ex Minister rejected the accusations with a post on his FB page.

Peter Ramsauer is known for his anti-Greek feelings and is supporter of finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s vision to have Greece outside the eurozone. In February 2015, had said that he would vote against any new aid to Greece accusing the then newly elected SYRIZA-ANEL government that it had no “solidarity policy.”

Why did Gabriel take Ramsauer with him? Apparently for his lobby skills

The least the German political leadership can do is to ask Peter Ramsauer to resign.

Meanwhile, Greek social media are having a party with Ramsauer and according to some readers reports, many visited his Profile of Facebook and left their own filthy comments. Someone on Twitter said that his FB profile was down or locked or something…

Or that he had set privacy settings excluding IP from Greece.

On German media, internet users are divided on the issue with some claiming Ramsauer could not possibly have insulted somebody like that and others thinking ‘very possibly he did it’ in his arrogance that he would not be understood.

Little Sherlocks around the internet investigate the motives of the two sides:

  1. Why should the photographer make such a claim?
  2. Was Ramsauer pushing for a picture together with Gabriel & Tsipras and got really angry? Has he stood out in the past due to inappropriate behavior?
  3. Why should we belive the Greek photographer and not the German politician and vice versa?

The truth would shine if there was some recording…

Claims that Ramsauer did not join the meals during the two-day visit in Athens because meals were prepared by Filthy Greeks cannot be confirmed. And I assume, that they were also completely baseless – Unless the German “shepherd” – as Ramsauer describes himself – came down from the Upper Bavarian hinterland bringing his own Cheese & Sausage in Athens.

Off topic? Suddenly Sandra Bullock’s appearance in Bavarian costume makes sense. Rasmauser’s wife is Bullock’s cousin. We have some proposals for next time Miss Congeniality meets the esteemed member of the German Christian Social Union (what a joke for a party name!).

PS sadly, the only worth reporting news from Gabriel’s visit was this incident. ugh!

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  1. Ramsauer ist lt. wikipedia Mitglied der Burschenschaft Franco-Bavaria.
    Berühmtestes Mitglied SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler.

    And so he behaves!

    • Und dann fragt man sich, warum die Deutschen weltweit so unbeliebt sind! Denn machen wir uns nichts vor, wo die Deutschen Devisen bringen, sind sie geduldet – beliebt nirgendwo. Die Rechnung an Burschen wie Ram-Sau-er.

      • Keep it up Germany! That’s the spirit. Everything is “already yours”
        Espescially and above all despise for stunts like that.

      • My!!! comment is awaiting moderation!!! I have read much ‘spicier’comments, to say the least. I was only making a reference to his name and connecting it to his behaviour…on the basis of ‘NOMEN EST OMEN’

      • Again My comment is awaiting moderation?
        Sagen Sie mal, wie offenbar praktizieren Sie Zensur? Schaemen Sie sich wirklich nicht? Tja, ich muss leider wieder bemerken, ‘typisch deutsch’

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          My comment is awaiting moderation
          My comment is awaiting moderation
          My comment is awaiting moderation
          What kind of consumerism is this? It’s also Sunday and time for the beach…

  2. Are you kidding !

    google – Peter Ramsauer images.

    Look at this guy.
    He is better looking than James Bond.
    He has real and natural blue eyes.
    just look at all the different poses.
    He is a natural.
    He must a very desirble man.
    I bet he has to beat the crowd of men as well as women off with a big stick.
    I bet people even kiss his backside on occasion.
    An Angel fell from heaven & it was the handsome Peter Ramsauer.

    • Besides, it is very hard to be born beautiful and have to slowly watch yourself grow into an old & smelly old man who farts in bed.
      Think about it man.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      He’s also a godsucking carsucker, he hates peds and cyclists, as a minister for traffic he allowed Jeeps inside cities, since then no safe streets no more, as no place for SUVs, the streets are too narrow for this decadency, they don’t belong into towns but he was too stupid to safe billions and only build new paths for tractors, at least the pigs could save tens of billions as everybody wants Jeeps and so no more streets are necessary to construct any more, they all can proof their skills in the fields, stoopid farmers; it’s the same kind that talks so loud kuz they all have a trauma shock from the first time they came into town.

  3. He heads the comission economy & energy
    acc to his homepage peter – ramsauer de

    He IS a German official

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Cheesy Scumbag Union

  5. Why did he travel with 40 German inddustry bosses to Greece?
    Ahhhh, yes….I forgot…

    He is going to SAVE the Greeks. The FILTHY Greeks.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I suppose they’re going to seize Greece’s assets wearing gloves

    • Greeks are lazy

      We only take what is already ours, we payed for it.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Germans are pirates, busy stealing everything, because they’ve no resources, drill for oil in your backyards. Yours are only bullets as class-war votes with guns, pay your 25 year old war-debts Kohl stole of Greece by renaming reunification into joining.

      • If by “yours” you mean Germany’s, No. Germany does not own Europe: Europe owns Germany, and Germans are lucky that they are allowed to exist as a nationality. Germans need to learn their place, again.
        If, on the other hand you mean banks, then again it is not yours. The world’s banks stole money and created a banking crisis that we are all still suffering from.

  6. Elias Andreopoulos

    Don’t you touch a Greek man you Teutonic subhuman shit.

  7. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Probably the right moment to open up the German written department of KTG and force him to resignation.
    It’s still fresh, in his wikipedia it’s dated in 2017

  8. Greeks are lazy

    Calm down you filthy greeks and shut the fuck up!
    You filthy ragheads threatned us with sending migrant waves to us if you dont get money.
    You are lucky we dont let you motherfuckers starve for good.

    • Sending migrant waves?
      You mean refugees fleeing war?

      Read my lips:

      1. Refugees are produced by arms industry.
      Germany’s arms trade with the Near East quadrupelt within the last two years.

      2. Schäuble was involved in a big fat black money scandal. He took a suitcase full of black money from an arms dealer.

      A suitcase – not a fakelaki.

      How dirty is THAT??

    • Ermm, is this a Kraut, or merely someone pretending to be German in order to humiliate them? They are so good at making fools of themselves, it’s hard to tell…

      • It’s not worth to waste any time with this moron. It’s people like him and Ramsauer that make me feel fed up with my own country. I only wish these idiots would stop to use the word “us” if they insult other countries, but their demented egos are too big to realise that they express only their own distorted view of the world.

        • Thanks. I know there are many decent Germans, as I have met so many. It’s the same sort of problem with my country — the UK — where the ignorant racist loudmouths appear all over the net and many in politics too.

          • I know I’m not telling you anything new, but it’s a problem all over Europe… Times are getting harder for people everywhere and it is these loudmouths who profit from the situation. We have also a strong social imbalance here in Germany although the government tries to fake the realities with the usual fairy tales of economic growth. Here in my hometown Berlin the schools are falling apart and more and more people depend on financial help from the state although they work in fulltime jobs. But the majority of the people doesn’t realise where the real roots of the problems lie — it is so simple: instead of using your brain just follow the primitive populist propaganda of mass media and political tricksters who will always present an adequate scapegoat. Be it Greece, the refugees or the man in the moon, you can always find someone to blame and people will always be stupid enough to believe it. It’s a sad and sick world we live in…

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            This is totally normal for the racist overpopulation that needs exploitation so much that blood-diamonds must have been invented by yellow pages before internet; today they think it’s just normal that 6 million Africans get slaughtered for their fucking smart phones production, these blood-sucking walking dead cannibals think they have a right to own.

    • Your entity in this world is the definition of STUPIDITY. Sad little piece of art.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Wait until the 4000 tanks you bribed Greece into buying overpriced come rolling into your land of the dead eyes and get 380 bln war-debts back and finish what should have been finished in 1945, no right of existence for Germoney, better place Israel there.

    • shut up you uneducated moron!!

    • Behold! A GERMAN!WOW!

  9. Peter Ramsauer is now very busy on facebook. Denying everything & deleting comments.

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      May be one can write here in this Goebbels-media:
      One of the leading anti-hellenistic hunters since 2010, influenced by the racism of Fallmerayer now lead by the idiot who wrote an influential book full of lies about urban guerillas, although they are the only national heroes Krauts should be proud of.
      The journalist dude Wüllenweber who started the anti-Greek hunt back then in STERN now works for N24 that belongs to dieWelt/N24, btw

  10. Someone wrote that he blocked Greece from fb

    Is that possible?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      eh… probably he modified privacy settings?

    • Yes, it is. With Greek IP his facebook page is not available. But with all others, yes

      • keeptalkinggreece

        thanks for clarification, I didn’t know it was possible to do it on FB , I know one can do it on websites.

        • What strikes me is the speed facebook reacted. Obviously Peter has a shortcut. Or should I say, direct line?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            that’s why I’m wondering how he managed to do such a thing.

          • The same thing seem to be “happened” on twitter, I found out yesterday.
            All comments which obviously came from Greece with hashtag/ramsauer vanished. When you are located in Germany you can only see German comments.

            What’s going on there?!?!!!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            he has a twitter account?

          • No. That means
            Comments coming from Greece and contain the hashtag/ramsauer (#ramsauer) do not appear on German twitter anymore!

            KTG as you know many Greeks around the world on twitter pls ask them to send you screenshots and check them against comments appearing in Germany.

            If I am right THIS would be a much bigger scandal!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            in the very end, he wasted a lot of our time

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        May be it’s possible to open up one for him in Greece, a big shit-storm will also motivate Italy to kick them out of tournament and afterwards the world will see the interviews: “We dedicate this victory to the ‘Drecksgrieche’, he can also have a football with our names on it… Yamas!”

    • This would mean that German authorities block Greek twitter comments (containing #ramsauer) in Germany!

      • keeptalkinggreece

        I see. it’s from German internet/provider etc authorities, not FB or Tw

      • Again:
        I cannot even find YOUR comments which contained #ramsauer when I browse twitter….hashtag/ramsauer I can only see comments from Germany.
        Yesterday I could see comments from Greece, Germany and even from France.

        Now I see only the German comments – the others vanished!

        • I realy hope that I am wrong or stupid or too drunk or something like that…

        • keeptalkinggreece

          miracles happen!

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Reminds of the dirty trick to ignore the more than thousand killed in the Aegean, they stopped after counting 807 in 2015 and started counting again in 2016, it’s funny that all do it this way.

  11. Too bad he didn’t say this in Turkey, they would have shredded the demented Herrenmensch on the spot, twice.

  12. Dean Plassaras

    Only one thing to say to this german POS:

  13. You must be joking about his looks – probably are! His name should be Peter Rabbit. What about these barbarians repaying their war debts to Greece? And what about the many millions of euro the German banks have “collected@”” since the Greek crisis?

  14. It’s not racism. There is no Greek race. Maybe its mildly xenophobic.

    I think politicians should be free in a free country to insult journalists and photographers as they like.

    Esp. those “stupid Bavarians” like Ramsauer should enjoy this right.

    We have to claim back the term “racism” from left wing populists and let it describe what it used to be, a notion of race in a derogatory context.

    Despite that the Greeks are drama queens who blame everything on foreigners. So I am not sure Ramsauer did do that at all, I guess the regular pattern in Greece is that these people make it up.

    I want to live in a free country where we can curse as we find it appropriate and where language is precise.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Go back to Mongolia, “True Finn” and learn your Mongolian language, you invader. Races don’t exist, racism was invented by godsucking invaders like you, Greek is precise but Europeans who stole 2/3 of it to pimp up their Barbarian grunts forgot to ask for the correct pronunciation of the stolen words.

  15. Dear friends, if this is really true, I hereby strongly apologize in the name of all Germans to all Greeks whom I like an appreciate not only as EU-neighbours!
    But please let’s not forget, that this might have happened or not. Ramsauer swears, it’s not true and honestly: He would be incredibly stupid to say smth. like this. I have a hard time believing it. Maybe the photographer understodd smth. wrong. Maybe one of the two – Ramsauer or the photographer – is lying in part. Until now nobody knows. Alle the best to Greece!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      1. no need to apologize for something done by somebody else – especially if you’re not his voter.
      2. apparently he repeated twice the sentence in GER + in ENG and thus in front of eyewitnesses
      3. he can come up with a statement dismissing the incident as “lies, claims” blahblahblah
      4. based on older articles in German press, the ex minister seems to be arrogantly convinced that he has been kissed by some divine power, speaks only directly to the big bosses and has aversion against media people, “spokespersons of big German companies,incl”

  16. As a German, I feel ashamed of Peter Ramsauer. His behaviour is embarassing and of course totally wrong. Please be assured that the vast majority of German people feel like I do. This man has nothing learnt.

  17. It’s funny how everyone is upset about the alleged racist remark (very rightly so) and then in turn spills alot of racists remarks themselves ;p

  18. I am sorry as a German, 99% of Germans Love Greece and Greek People. Everyone in Germany hates Ramsauer, he’s the typical Bavarian idiot. If it’s true he said something along those lines be assured he will be kicked out of office in no time and his career is over. What a loser. Sorry we sent such a wanker to Greece, let’s hope it’s not true.

  19. Who is this “Greek photographer”? He tells lies but want to stay anonnymously? Shame on him!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      He’s contracted, everybody knows him and so not anonymous, also the official selfie-creator of Gabriel has witnessed
      Unfortunatly he didn’t broke this ugly face

      • keeptalkinggreece

        tvxs has been quote din the post

        • Meanwhile Sigmar Gabriel said: “I have no reason to doubt Peter Ramsauer’s words” — and with this statement Gabriel confirmed once again that he’s one of the most opportunistic, pathetic and embarrassing political figures here in Germany…

  20. Greece is a garbage country with garbage people if you think about it. And Jesus stop making other people responsible for your wasteful lifestyle. Nobody forced you to take on so much debt!

    Sincerely, someone who wishes Greece all the best, but outside the eu

    • I too wish you the best — in your destination residence called Hell.

    • Tell us more about your country which is in ýour opinion no garbage and I, as a professional market resercher, will tell you by whom it is owned. Try!


    • Oh…and of course I’ll start my research with the media of your country…..

    • You are just jelouse because Greece is beautiful with beautiful islands like Santorini and the people are beautiful and we have wonderful weather. Tell me what’s nice about your country? And you probably as ugly as fuck!!! I can tell by your complex behaviour. Shame.

    • Dear Mr. Anonymous who hides cowardly behind a nickname that tells everything about his sick state of mind: Crawl back in your dustbin and suffocate on your own reactionary racist fantasies. Europe and the rest of the world don’t need cretins like you, Ramsauer and others of your kind. And if you are by any chance from Germany let me tell you that I’m sick of people like you who do everything to ruin the reputation of this country — if this is still possible…

    • Make no mistake, most Greeks want nothing more than leave the EU. It;s your and our corrupted politicians and bankers, that will not let us go, because they want to suck the blood out of our people and the other people of Europe. Germany is once again at war with Democracy and is in the process of invading – then militarily now financially.Look at the Brexit- before long it will be very lonely for Germany out there…The EU will have become a German club..But of course you can seell your German products amongst yourselves..

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Before “Greeks leave the EU” – which btw, they’ve already joined in 1981 and it was planned to join much earlier but then came junta – Greeks might prefer to see arrogant rookies like Austria getting kicked out. But you’ll face the problem that the more nationalistic bullshit all over Europe happens the the more the core-nations (and Greece are in this core like Portugal and Spain) will distance themselves from this idiots and leave them alone with their national coloured toilet-papers as they may be think that a much more socially just and human union will be possible only without; there are reasons why people in Sicily and Greece are not so ugly against refugees like Poland but after the shit happening in England lots of Polish people might find back their roots.

  21. What a shame, racist incidents coming from Europe are increasing but to come from such figure is disgraceful, may be he still having some Arian mentality. I do not think that incident like this can be manufactured.

  22. I must admit his arrogance is beyond compare! I mean, going to a country to racially insult the inhabitants! and from a politician! Wow!

  23. Greeks are lazy

    Fucking hilarious how all the anti german racists comments are displayed, but the reasonable, all-your-racism-debunking comments, like mine, get deleted.

  24. costa sakellariou

    it is amazing that of all posts, something like this generates the most excitement…i don’t think i’ve seen 23 posts before!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Every time it was time for blackmailing into new “measures” there was more traffic, it only reminds a bit of Varoufakis’ finger, when reality was only interesting for the NZZ newspaper which asked to kick out the German TV-moderator; he resigned.

  25. Seems the reporter made that up, now the Greeks can feel self pity and as victims again.