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Brain drain: Nearly half a million, mostly young professionals, left Greece in the Crisis

Nearly half a million Greeks have left the country in search of better opportunities abroad since 2008 due to the financial crisis, a report by the Bank of Greece shows. Educated professionals are among those leading the Greek Crisis exodus, while in the past it was mostly unskilled workers and farmers leaving the country for a better future.

The current exodus is being led by young professionals seeking their fortune in Germany, the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the report as published by Kathimerini:

More than 427,000 Greeks have emigrated since 2008.

The exodus started gradually in 2008, a year before Greece’s debt crisis erupted, exceeding 100,000 in 2013 and growing in 2014 and 2015. As noted in the report, Greek emigres’ main motive is to find work as opportunities in crisis-hit Greece are few and far between, with an unemployment rate that remains above 25 percent.

greece brain drain

Greece ranks fourth among the 28 European Union member-states in terms of mass emigration in proportion to its work force aged 15-64, after Cyprus, Ireland and Lithuania.

It ranks third, after Cyprus and Spain, in terms of the proportion of young people aged 25-39,  leaving the country.

full article in ekathimerini . a little more info in

PS I would like to know more about BoG methodology and age groups but I didn’t see a press release in BoG website.

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  1. When Troyka shows concerns about reviving Greek’s economy…

    • After pension reform.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        you got it wrong. The mantra reads: and World Peace.

        • No KTG it is really very simple.
          As long as there is no pension reform, Greece will forever have problems with its budget, and no lender will help such country that has no financial future.
          On top of that highest military spending in EU :)))
          It is not about mantras, but about simple calculations.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            To cut military expenses is very easy, just guarantee the EU-borders, but the EU is not doing so because they’re all corrupted creeps.

          • WRONG AGAIN!!! You Greeks should guarantee the EU (Schengen) border, and you receive money from EU for that. But you do not make your job again, again, again….
            About NATO borders – I do not think Turkey will invade Greece even if your military spending will cut to half. Cyprus was very special case.
            You just do not want to cut spendings, it is mafia. Everybody is bad, troika, Turkey, US imperialists, Germans, and you play victims.

            You are not victims.

          • You are an ignoramus. The Schengen Border Code requires that refugees are admitted and processed as such. The EU complained to Greece about 50 bureaucratic technicalities that Greece did not fulfil with the Border Code. They are all trivial except for one — that Greece did not take all the fingerprints electronically of refugees. This was through lack of machines and staff, when 10,000 people were arriving per day.
            Basically, this is nasty propaganda from northern Europe — when they are the ones refusing to obey European and international law, while complaining that Greece did not do bureaucratic things. Pure Nazi hypocrisy and propaganda.

          • What is nasty propaganda? That Greeks have highest military soending in EU or that Greeks do not make pension reform?

          • What is propaganda is northern EU countries that are breaking every law there is, and pretending that they are not, while complaining that Greece breaks laws. In the case of refugee arrivals, Greece was the only country conforming (within the limits of state capacity) ti international and EU human rights laws. The rest of the EU were asking the Greek government why they couldn’t leave people to die in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas; why they couldn’t kill them as they arrived on the Greek coast. Such is the Nazi mentality across Europe now — with Hungary leading the way.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            On one hand you’re paranoid about refugees and on the other hand Turkish military forces is harmless, so “Operation Sledgehammer” must have been a frame by Erdogun to get rid of nationalist-kemalist generals that never, never planned to invade Tracia, concentrate 200.000 leftists in soccer stadiums or shoot down a Turkish passenger-jet with a faked “Greek” bomber, just like Davutoglu was the nice “western orientated” dude that never, never told any newspapers that “these 16 islands are Turkish, occupied by Greece” (three of them around Crete)
            Border controls and border guarantees is something totally different, btw

          • Please stop the blabla and back to the point:
            1. Why not cut miltary spendings? Because you do not want!!!!
            2. Why not the pension reform? Because you do not want!!!!

            It is very simple. You are not victims. You play victims.

          • It is very simple. You are not a human being: you play at being a human being. You are really a troll.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    So the real unemployment number is 40%

  3. Sad news. All young educated well informed people should like communism. I find very weird they leaving.
    Nevermind, happily there are 2 billion new greeks in Africa and Middle East ready to replace the leavers. We must concentrate to the future and let in as much people we can so they can build up new and better country.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      “We”? What “we”? Are you living in Europe or what, you god-sucking invader? Are you again slaving for the Aryans, you little fascist douche-bag? What you care about Europe? Stay away!

      • “We” means humans. It,s opposite to communists. Communists are not humans. When somebody don,t understand, then 2 billion African and Middle East people will be more than happy to come and explane. I think, this will happen very soon. You will be multiculted until You will be diverse. We are the europe, You are not.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Start real work and grow your own food and dig your own resources, you lazy and decadent racist, stop exploiting the world and nobody will come, if you wanna stop migration the 1st world must become what it deserves as its existence is a crime already.
          Pay licenses for all the shit you’ve stolen from other cultures like tomatoes, paprika, tobacco, coffee, cacao, corn, tea, beans, weed and don’t forget the gold and silver you’ve stolen to build up your capitalist and “communist” system of rich parasites getting richer or even better give it back and make Amerika and the Trikont free again, free from European squatters; pay a million for your smart-phone, so that no more 6 million have be holocausted for the Rare Earth inside. I’ve always thought the Russian borders are closed, hence no “we” but probably you’re just a multi-culti German-Russian or Greek-Russian unthankful bastard that exploited European travel laws.

    • Don’t you ever get tired of yourself…?

  4. so how much Germany did pay to obtain those well formed greek, for which all education and health costs have been paid by greek economy ….

    did they at least say “Danke”

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      They are so much smart ass that this is already history and they wanna give the British youth German passports – they are fast: Gabriel was getting Raki from Tsipraki to get chancellor in 2017.
      Interesting is only that the statistics came too late, it was good two years ago in Portugal and Spain to learn that this is the way they fake their unemployment statistics.

  5. And still no pension reform?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Nope, still 460 per month and Kammenos is betraying his voters instead of sending the army to seize all capitalists goods to have real reforms he lets them commit crime against their own religion