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Greek-American orders his funeral coffin to be a copy of the Parthenon!

A home-sick Greek-American had a vision on how enter his last journey from this world and ordered  a coffin of a special kind: the wooden last-home should resemble the Parthenon. With columns and other ancient Greek details but also a cross and other religious signs, a combination of Ancient and Modern Greece.

Parthenon coffin

He placed his order at a funeral house in Nafplion, Eastern Peloponnese. The owners made his wish come true.

According to locals media, “the funeral house of Xrysikos/Karafotias did an innovative, unique work”, designed and constructed  the bizarre coffin “with excellent details in marble optic, while the coffin has also lighting.”

The eccentric Parthenon coffin has a cost of 4,000 euro. Until the coffin was required, it was displayed on the funeral house window and attracted the curiosity of many locals.

The specific funeral office is specialized in constructing custom-made coffins with prices starting from 1,000 euro and much departing on the time of construction and the complexity of the project.

Pre-orders are welcome.

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