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EC Juncker claims: “I spoke with leaders of other planets” (video)

They exist. They live among us. And they are concerned about the European Union. Who? the Extraterrestrials! They proof that all this is true came from the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

During a speech on the 28th of June in the European in Parliament in Brussels, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker confused attendees in Parliament when he started talking about what appear to be extraterrestrials. Juncker claimed he met and listened to “leaders of other planets” who are “watching us from afar”. He says they worried as they keep asking about the path the European Union will pursue following the BREXIT vote of the British people.

Video with ENG subtitles

Juncker’s contacts with the “several leaders of other planets were deliberately omitted from the transcript of his speech posted on the official EC website.

According to German magazine Focus, French media speculated that the phrase was omitted because it was merely a mistake and that Junker wanted to say “other leaders of our planet.”

Focus entitled its article with “Juncker confused: EU Commission chief babbles of aliens in Parliament,” and added that even for Juncker’s extraordinarily chaotic standards the claim that he spoke with aliens was “unlikely.”, an organization dedicated to “political implications of extraterrestrial life” notes that

“One possible interpretation is that he meant to say that he had spoken with “other planetary leaders” outside of the European Union, and made a simple grammatical error as some contend. If so, then why wasn’t the official transcript corrected to make it clear that he had misspoken? Furthermore, it is difficult to imagine a major world leader would make such a dramatic error in an important speech to the European Parliament without realizing it immediately and correcting that error on the spot.

Also, at several points in his speech, Junckers makes references to himself as a “human being” and not a robot or a machine, suggesting that some in his intended audience are not human as one native French speaker has noted in translating and interpreting his comments in a helpful thread on the Project Avalon Forum.”

As I don’t speak Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuerg), a Germanic language, I cannot make a linguistic analysis and explain the reason for the mistake. But the man seems to be under immense stress lately, especially after the Brexit vote and the hostile attitude of Germany towards him.


   we know, they come in peace & are concerned about Brexit

Mean reporters write that

“Jean-Claude Juncker is known for his confusing and erratic behavior in front of cameras. During a EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia on May 21st, 2015, he was filmed visibly intoxicated, kissing and slapping leaders of European nations. At one point he slapped Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the face after calling him “Dictator” before he proceeded to kiss other European leaders on their forehead.”

On scientific aspect, there is no proof or no-proof that aliens do not exist. And on the other hand, if we do not like the EU, we can still move to other planets.

We experience a breakthrough in space surveillance anyway.

Photo published for By Jove! NASA Probe Arrives at Jupiter After 5-Year Trek

After 5 years on the space road, NASA’s autopilot spacecraft Juno put itself in orbit around the “king of all planets”, the Jupiter. Juno’s mission is to explore the King of all planets and may help clarify the origins of our solar system.

Juno is expected to fulfill its mission in February 2018 – unless it will be shot down by the Jupiterians.

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