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Unemployment at 23.3% in April, youth unemployment remains high with 47.4%

Unemployment in Greece fell down to 23.3% in April – a rate we have not seen for quite long time. According to Greek Statistics authority (ELSTAT) the number of unemployed is 1,115,443 people. Compared to April 2015, the number of people who found a job was 90,995.

23.3% April 2016

23.7% March 2016

25.3% April 2015

The unemployment rate for women (28.2% in in April 2016 and 29% in April 2015) continues to be significantly higher than that of men (19.3% in April 2016 and 22.2% in April 2015.)

With regards to age groups, youth unemployment for ages 15-24 remains high with 47.4%.

In age group 25-34 unemployment is at  29.4%,  in category 35-44 is at 20.5% and in 45-54 is 19.5%.

At regional level, the highest unemployment was recorded in Epirus – West  Macedonia (27.6%), Thessaly – Central Greece (26.9%) and Macedonia – Thrace (25.1%).

One should notice that in late spring and summer months unemployment rates traditionally fall due to seasonal work.

PS Let’s see if the downwards trend continues in next months too.

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  1. As we all know, this data is foul. The numbers never count the self employed, who had to close their business.

    And: Is it really certain, that a certain amount of people “have found a job”, is that proven? Or is it rather “there are x number less unemployed”. Big difference. The Greeks, as we know, are leaving the country by the thousands. So they may have found a job. But abroad. And the unemployment numbers do not mirror a slight improvement but rather the real bleak situation.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      given the fact that always these numbers did not include the self-employed… it’s same. on the other hand, since a couple of years self-employed can also register as unemployed at oaed

    • If the data are from the Labour Force Survey, then they include people who used to be self-employed. The LFS is run with rules common across the EU and is reasonably accurate. It asks people various questions, including if they worked in the previous week and for how many hours. Since it is a survey, provided that the survey sample is a reasonable approximation of the total working age population, it is quite accurate. Greece was forced to stop using the old fashioned register of unemployed persons as long ago as the 1980s — one of the effects of EC membership.

  2. You should take those figures with a pinch of salt.