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Same policies as usual: The IMF wants lowering of Greece’s €586-gross Minimum Wage

What if we hear again and again, International Monetary Fund officials saying “we have made mistakes with the Greek program” and the usual stuff. The IMF keeps up its neo-liberal policies and will keep them up till the end of the days.

In a report, the IMF insists on considering that the €586 gross minimum wage per month is high and urges the Greek government to proceed with a new approach on calculating it.

Furthermore, the fund wants the abolishment of 3-year wage increases as well as of the 13th and 14th salary (Christmas and vacation bonus.)

The IMF urges the government to proceed with the so-called labor reforms, strike lock-out, mass lay-offs, changes in labor unions law…

…and opening of closed professions.

All these as usual in the name of competitiveness.

PS After 6-7 years of austerity packages, I wonder, why the IMF does not abolish wages all together. Instead of wages, the state could nationalize all private enterprises and offer free housing, food-, water-, electricity- and clothing-coupons. But … ops! that would be Communism!

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  1. Why stop there? The average wage in Laos is $43/month. Come on Greece! One more effort and you will be competitive!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      and all German +other multinational companies invest in Laos.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No coincidence with Tsipraki coming back from China: “Look, Alexi, Cosco, Alibaba aso wanna invest more than a billion but if they’ve to bring their own slaves they’ll question your hospitality”

  2. Dear all
    You have not understood the purpose of what is happening to Greece. The country has been marked for demolition. This is the goal of the famous troika and its masters, i.e. the Germans (the Americans do not appear to be active subscribers to the plan, but they surely tolerate it). The ultimate purpose of the demolition squads is to bring the country to a level of non-existence, with all state assets looted, inhabited by poor, hungry, ill people with no property, money or future. This will enable the creation of a slaves paradise for foreign multinationals: wages of 50-100 euros per month, no health care, no schools, no pensions. Those who would die at work would be replaced by others; there will be plenty of supply from Syria, Afghanistan, etc.
    This is also the real reason for the crazy taxes: “aided” by IMF style wage erosion, they will keep on increasing until everybody’s ability to pay is exhausted and everybody is indebted to the state. Then seizure/theft of citizens property will complete the plan. This is why the only activity of the Athens “lawmakers” now is to invent new punitive measures for “tax evasion”.
    Unless the demolition plan is stopped, and its local executors neutralised, there is no chance for the country to recover.

  3. Why do you use the same old photograph of Christine Lagarde in every article – she is not a nice looking woman to begin with, but in real life, today, Christine lagarde is much older & therefore she looks much older, what is the problem – old is old & she is old.