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Lamia: Man cuts his wrists inside Social Security Fund

Panic in the Social Security Fund for Self-Employed (OAEE) on Tueaday  morning in Lamia, Central Greece. After an argument with an employee, a desperate man used a pocketknife and cut the veins on the wrist of his left hand. Blood started to flow, screams, panic.

An ambulance took the man in the city hospital.

Eyewitnesses told local that they heard the man shouting at the OAEE -employee “I have paid everything, why do you keep causing  trouble?”

The 65-year-old man is a petrol station owner. He was reportedly seeking from OAEE an “acquittal certificate” for his wife, but she was not entitled and she had to be registered at the social security fund.

He was recently robbed and had lost important documents. Apparently it the distress of the theft, the notorious Greek bureaucracy and the crisis effect that had him commit such a desperate act.

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