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Turkish Coup: 14 navy ships & Navy Commander missing, suspected in Greek ports

Fourteen Turkish navy ships have been allegedly still missing since the Coup Attempt on Friday and together with them the Commander of the Turkish Navy, Admiral Veysel Kosele. According to Turkish and UK media, the Admiral has been missing since Friday, the ships since Monday, and the most daring scenario claims that the flotilla is suspected to may be heading towards Greek ports.

The ships have allegedly neither returned ot their naval bases nor had any contacts to the Turkish Navy.

It is unclear, whether the ship commanders were on the side of the coup-plotters or on the side of President Erdogan.

Donanma Komutanı Oramiral Veysel Kösele nerede rehin tutuluyor?

Admiral Veysel Kosele has not been heard from since the failed coup.

According to UK’s The Times:

Several Turkish navy ships are still unaccounted for, their commanders suspected to be among the plotters who sought to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Admiral Veysel Kosele, the commander of the Turkish navy, has not been heard from since the failed coup on Friday, a source told The Times.

It is currently unknown whether he was part of the coup or was tricked on to the boat after coup plotters told him there was a terrorist attack and then taken hostage, local media reports suggested.

The 14 missing ships were reportedly on active duty in either the Aegean or the Black Sea and have not tried to make contact with naval headquarters or report back to the port.

It is suspected they may be heading to Greek ports. On Saturday, eight Turkish military officers took a helicopter to Greece to seek asylum.

What a weird claim! Of course, if the ships were in the Black Sea they’d have to sail through the narrow Bosporus Straits under Turkey’s control to reach Greece. So they’d probably sailed in another …direction. Had they been in the Aegean Sea, I’m sure, that the NATO Refugee Surveillance Mission and the Frontex would have stopped them and returned them back…

On Sunday, Turkish media had claimed that Admiral Kosele together with  Vice-Admiral Levent Uca were taken hostages and kept in Frigate Yavuz in the Naval Base of Golcuk/Kocaeli, in the sea of Marmara. The claims was later dismissed.

According to Russian media, four Turkish navy ships are in the Black Sea “two in Constance-Rumania, one in Burkas -Bulgarian and one on the sea. There are no Turkish ships in Russian ports.”

Greek state broadcaster ERT TV citing Turkish media reported at 3 pm News Bulletin that “the ships are not missing.”  Turkish Labor Minister refused to confirm the news and a vice president of the government said the news was not true. However, the only reliable sources to confirm or dismiss such claims are the Turkish General staff and not the politicians.

Earlier an NATO official speaking on ocndition sof anonymity told Russian RIA Novosti agency that the naval command of the North Atlantic Alliance had not received a request for assistance in identifying Turkish warships.

The Greek Armed Forces are reportedly on alert and try to find out whether the missing Turkish ships are in the Aegean Sea.

Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that in addition ot the ships there are also “two helicopters and 25 commandos missing. The helicopters were supposed to rescue the 25 commandos who raided the hotel in Marmaris where President Erdogan was having summer vacation on the night of the coup.”

Meanwhile, Turkey claims that the 8 military personnel who fled to Greece on Saturday were involved in the bombardment of the Presidential Palace in Ankara.

PS these Turkish helicopters and ships must have extraterritorial equipment to manage to be beamed in outside Turkey via outer space routes or some 1,000 km or nautical miles without being traced. Ops! They turned off their radars! How stupid of me!

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    Frontrunner border protecting nations like big mouth Austria and Hungary should buy these ships or does ISIS has a fleet in the Mediterranean now? Btw, How many soldiers Budapest and Vienna will send? None? They truly love to fight “invasions” from refugees but if a real invasion starts they go crying to their favourite Döner-Fastshit

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    Smart would be to sink these ships south-east of Ierapetra 5000 mtrs deep, because then Turks will no more oppose oil-drilling there and even better they’ll send their Piri Reis to do this job for Greece