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Court sentenced 8 Turkish military who fled to Greece – Do they have chances to escape extradition?

A Greek court sentenced each of the eight Turkish officers who fled to Greece after the failed coup attempt of July 15 to two months in prison on 3-year suspension, on charges of illegally entering the country. The court recognized “mitigating action under the threat of life.” H

However, the 8 will remain in custody of police pending the decision on their request to be granted political asylum. asylum issue. Without their asylum request, the 8 had to be deported back to Turkey as soon as possible.

The court in Alexandroupolis was full of Turkish journalists, two self-described “independent lawyers” who had come from Istanbul” and members from the Muslim minority in Thrace.

The two Turkish lawyers insisted on submitting documents against the defendants in court, but this t the court rejected such a move.

When the court decision was announced, a Turkish man from the audience swore at the defendants in Turkish; the prosecutor order police to detain him.

The eight, identified as two majors, four captains and two master sergeants, were being tried in the northern city of Alexandroupolis, where they arrived by a Black Hawk military helicopter on July 16 after sending a distress signal to authorities.

According to one of their lawyers, Lia Marinaki, the soldiers say they feared for their safety if they are sent back to Turkey and the safety of their families that are in Turkey.

The 8 applied for political asylum in Greece birnging the country into a delicate diplomatic situation.

Time is running up and the asylum authorities are expected to decide over their fate sometime in early August.

The state of emergency declared in Turkey, the planned suspension of European Convention of Human Rights and the strong will to restore the Death Penalty might work in favor of the 8.

In just five days following the attempted coup, thousands members of Turkish security and armed Forces have been arrested, nearly 50,000 have been suspended from positions in public administration. It looks as if authorities had lists of suspected supporters of Gulen whom they accuse to have orchestrated the coup.

If the 8 can prove that detentions, arrests and suspensions were deliberately conducted by authorities who violated the rule of law, they may increase their chances to escape deportation.

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  1. This is just Greek malakies. It is not a criminal offence to cross a border to seek asylum. Hungary recently changed its law to do that, and the Hungarian law is now illegal — in defiance of EU laws and international law.

  2. Tell Turkey to permanently drop ALL claims on Cyprus and remove FOREVER its troops from there, then talks on asylum or extradition can start. Greece has superb opportunity to make its case now. Don’t miss this chance!!!

    • If you think thay Cyprus is safe from the ravings of Erdogan, you are an idiot. Now is the time to worry about the military protection for Cyprus, and wonder if NATO is actually prepared to do anything against one of its own members…

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      But then Cyprus unfortunately can’t invade and occupy Greece anymore, and this must happen to Greece get rid of all debts.
      But before “Great Cyprus” shows, Nicosia kicks out the British occupation and have a united soccer-league.