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No Border Camp vandalize Thessaloniki City Hall (picts, video)

Thursday morning around 11 o’ clock: a group of some 150 people from the No Border Camp leave the premises of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and walk to the City Hall. They raid it from the back door. They destroy the offices of “Europe direct” and the International Migration Organization.

They overturn desks and chairs, smashed computers, throw paint, spray slogans like Νo Border, Open the borders, blood on your hands”.

Accoridng to, an eyewitness said that the attackers were wearing hoods and many spoke English.

When the police intervenes, it is too late for detains. The vandals have already fled. In fact, they walk in groups back to the University campus.

Yesterday, members of the No Border Camp had stopped public buses with passengers and sprayed them with slogans.

They are currently moving to Idomeni, although the refugee camp has been closed for more than two months.

The No Border Camp 2016 on Migration was launched last weekend under the reactions of university and local administration but there were no moves to prohibit the event.

More pictures from the vandalism of “AnarchistsWithoutBorders” here and here.

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  1. What a “strange” “coincidence” that these English-speaking “anarchists” are supporting the Merkel-Washington agenda. And from the University too (currently on summer recess).

  2. Real anarchist or bogus ones? Who is behind this group?