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Greek Parliament approves the Mosque construction in Athens

With a large majority of votes, the plenary of the Greek Parliament approved the provision to accelerate construction procedures for the mosque in Votanikos area of Athens.

In a roll-call, in favor of the procedure voted 206 MPs from ruling party SYRIZA and opposition parties New Democracy, Communist KKE, To Potami, PASOK and the Centrists’ union.

Against voted 26 MPs from opposition far-right Golden Dawn but also SYRIZA’s junior coalition party nationalists Independent Greeks (ANEL).

ANEL-Representative said that the party remains loyal to its position as in the past when the issue came to Parliament: that the mosque will create more problems than the ones it will solve.”

Present in the Plenary were 260 MPs out of 300 in total.

The debate before the voting was temporarily more than tense, when GD MP’s verbally attacked a Muslim lawmaker of SYRIZA -with vulgar expressions I cannot write here. The Plenary as short interrupted.

The provision notes the cost for the mosque construction as 985,000 euro.

The mosque construction has been a never ending story for several years.

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  1. And down the hill you go.

  2. so, they cut pensions by 21-46%, take loans for 320 billion,put 50+% of the population into poverty,25%unemployment and spend millions of euros they don’t have, on something they don’t need …. does that about sum up the adjustment for Greece’s economy?what a f joke.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Not sure if the money is spend by taxpayers anyway or the tourism-sector who will profit most of this but if the Turkish government will pay – as it has offered – you’ll forget about this money very fast and instead complain that the prayer isn’t held in Greek.