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Arson attack against offices of Holy Synod of Church of Greece

Unidentified assailants threw molotov cocktail bombs against the Moni Petraki, a church in downtown Athens which houses the central offices of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece.

The arson attack occurred short after 3 o clock in the morning when a group of “youngsters” – so media –  threw four to five molotov cocktails into the yard of the building. The fired bombs exploded and burned two cars in the parking lot.

Fire brigades and police rushed to the spot, however, the assailants had fled.

No organization claimed responsibility however authorities see it in the context of anti-authoritarian protests against the evacuation of squats.

The attack has been condemned by the government and the opposition parties.

The Holy Synod commented that “may God forgive the assailants.”


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