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Tax Authorities freeze wealth of powerful Greek businessman in media & shipping

Greece’ financial crimes prosecutor ordered the freezing of moveable and immovable wealth of powerful businessman Giannis Alafouzos on Wednesday. The order for the freezing has been sent by the same prosecutor to the banks. Cause of the measure apparently in the context of  “tax control” are the difficulties to justify to the Tax Control Center for Big Wealth (KEFOMEP) the amount of €50 million for the years 2000 to 2012.

According to Greek media, the decision is in the context of tax authorities investigation on 65 CDs containing data of one million Greek taxpayers who made transactions of more than €300,000 and thus for the period of time between the years 2000 and 2012. The investigation was apparently also in connection with a denouncement against the businessman.

Giannis Alafouzos is owner of private television and radio Skai Group, published of Kathimerini daily, owner of Ermis Maritime Holding and major shareholder and President of Panathinaikos FC.

Alafouzos was reportedly summoned to KEFOMEP to explain inconsistencies arising from research, but he was allegedly not able to justify the amount of nearly €50 million. The KEFOMEP sent a binding command to all banks.

Giannis Alafouzos issued a statement saying the freezing of his assets on the ground of “potential tax evasion” was a foretold act and thus since two months. Welcoming the “tax control” the businessman hints at “unauthorized entities” involved and of “centers that have been fiercely fighting against his activities in Skai and Panathinaikos FC.”

I have repeatedly stated and I emphasize now that all my income comes from shipping activities abroad. The only activities I have in Greece are the investments I’ve made in the media for 26 years and continue to do so today, and my participation in the last four years in Panathinaikos,” Alafouzos stresses in his statement and hints that the decision comes in the middle of August and “apparently, a few days before the tender procedure for broadcasting licenses.”

Alafouzos’ Skai TV is one of the ten competitors for the four TV licenses.


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