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Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below 100 euro

The long planned registration of all kinds of private wealth will go into effect in February 2017. More than 8,500,000 tax payers registered in Greece will be called to declare all moveable and immovable assets, their total “wealth”, and even cash they possess even if it is below 100 euro. Furthermore, the taxpayers will have to register changes in their assets when they occur and not annually.

Tax authorities will upload on their website pre-filled data like real estate, declared income, income from rents, loans, vehicles etc – practically they pre-filled data will refer to data given by taxpayers in their income declaration.

In the new scheme to have registered everything the trouble Greek owns, the taxpayers will have add moveable and immovable possessions such as paintings, antiques, jewelry, even historical weapon, etc but also the cash they have in their wallets or under the mattress.

“Taxpayers must declare all the cash they have in their hands, even one euro!” an official from the Finance Ministry told newspaper To Vima on conditions of anonymity.

The Greek finance ministry apparently doe snot know yet what value the taxpayers will have to declare if they possess a necklace and a ring, a painting made by the cousin and a sculpture made by the sister in the ceramics course. the Ministry has also no idea, who will estimate the value and how.

Within a month, the taxpayer will have to submit a modification statement, if there are any changes in his possessions status. “This will affect any case of property transfer or acquisition, but not of income, which is being declared each year, and are directly updated by the tax authorities. To Vima stresses.

KTG understands, that she will not have to submit cash possessions modifications every time she goes to the kiosk to buy chewing gums or cigarettes and pays cash from the money in her wallet.

PS No comment for the time being as my current moveable possessions are two bikinis, 2 pairs of flip flops and a beach towel. Swimming is the best medicine against state madness and officials with Robespierre’s attitudes.

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  1. Do I have to declare the missing tomatoes and peppers every time I stealthily eat some of my mom’s gemista when she’s sleeping?

  2. I struggled my way through the PDF on my internet banking page, all the while thinking “WTF? WTF?”.
    The madness continues.
    And I’m thinking what I must do when I buy my rolling tobacco, because I don’t buy it from the periptero any more, I order 30 x 30g packs from Germany (where it is much cheaper – I save about €60 on those 30 packs), and pay by bank transfer. Am I supposed to call my accountant every time I place an order?
    They don’t like to make life easy, do they…?

    • You could always quit smoking 🙂

      • Why on earth should I quit something I enjoy?
        Just to pander to the health fascists, who lie through their teeth about the dangers of smoking? And believe me, they do lie and exaggerate as a matter of course. I’ve read thousands of pages of research on the subject, so I’m in a position to know the difference between the actual research results / statistics and the press releases from the anti-tobacco mob. Anti-smoking is not, and has never been about health. It’s a doctrinaire ideology driven by a small cabal of fanatical zealots who are amply funded by the pharmaceutical companies, who in turn have a vested interest in driving people to their products with bans, restrictions and high taxes.
        Ok, rant over! 🙂
        No, I’ll just try to avoid the ridiculously punitive taxes as much as I can, and carry on enjoying the pleasures of tobacco, as people have been doing for hundreds of years before me.

        • Are you a trade unionist?
          At least a Syriza voter surely.
          Well people like you destroyed the country.

          • ??? Trade unionist? Syriza? You jest, of course. I’ve run my own businesses for more than thirty years. What use do I have for trade unions or socialism?

            I’m a libertarian to the core. I have no time for trade unions, the political left or the political right. I believe in the free market, small government and the right to self-determination.

            Tsipras is a fool and has sold his countrymen for a mess of pottage. He taxes people until they bleed, and then wants more, just so he can feed the French and German banks. He will turn Greece into another province of Germany. It will be known as Bavaria-on-sea.

            People like me destroyed the country?

            Think again. It’s stupid rules and regulations, and the people who enforce them that destroyed Greece. It’s selfishness, greed and jealousy that destroyed this once great country. Open your eyes, look around you. See what the faceless technocrats of the EU have done to this once independent nation. They have stolen your birthright so they can pursue their megalomaniacal plans for a United States of Europe, of which they will be the unelected and unaccountable leaders.

            Trade unionist indeed! Pah!

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        How can you know this? Some people really can’t do it, some people can’t leave the house then and some people really don’t want this, f.i. people who write books and articles.

    • Buying backie from Germany, and cheaper than in Greece ! Disgraceful tax evasion !
      And as Syrizee says you should quit smoking !!!

    • costa sakellariou

      truly amazing that you don’t consider saving your health and money by quitting…even after all that!

      • Are you suggesting that I should also consider saving my health and money by not drinking wine or beer? That I should also consider saving my health and money by not eating foods I enjoy?
        Life is full of trade-offs between risk and pleasure, and we all decide on what is best for us personally. It’s called self-determination.
        Sure, I could save myself money and maybe even live a couple of years longer (if I didn’t get run over by a bus in the meantime) if I didn’t smoke, only drank water and lived on a diet of gruel and Mung beans. But what kind of life would it be? Not my idea of life, and that’s for sure. We only get one bite of the cherry, and I intend to enjoy my brief span on this earth in the way that I see fit.
        And with regards smoking, I’m 67 years old and I’ve smoked for more than 50 years. I don’t get sick (not even colds), I run up stairs two at a time and people regularly mistake me for several years younger than I am.
        We are lied to on a regular basis about smoking, and I hate being lied to. Have a look at this short article to get some idea about the way we are manipulated with lies and misinformation. The article is by a (non-smoking) mathematician who worked most of her life at high level in American government and Public Health.

        • Ah, I take it you don’t allow links on KTG then.
          Ok, Google: Forces International, sammec, newproof.
          That page should be the first result that comes up.

    • Or grow your own.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        If you grow with license from American Red Indians you can destroy a whole industry, same with corn, cacao, paprika, tomatoes, potatoes and all other from real Americans stolen culture; even pumpkins weren’t grown no more in Europe since ancient times, after it got forgotten in thousands of years of dark ages of cultural regression that came up after religions were invented and gods left the planet due to so much stupidity.

  3. “All your assets are belong to us”.
    That is some big system they need to run to register and keep tracks of all these “assets”. Remember boys and girls, Greece is a test case for the rest of the continent. Let the great pillage begin.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Go to the assets-office and explain you own no computer and if they have one for you explain’em you’re too stupid to play with such shit and then tell them to write down your list as nobody can read your words and sometimes even you can’t recall what you were writing; if all people do like this he lines outside will make up perfect demonstrations.

      • That is a very good idea. Do people have to “file” their assets electronically? A lot of elderly people don’t have computers. Everybody else can fake they don’t have one (but this could be fraud under these rules cause a computer is an asset) or they can fake it suddenly does not want to start up.
        But that is a really good tactic. Everybody just shows up with a hand written list of “assets” (don’t forget to put the kitchen sink and your last bread crumbs there) with very bad hand writing. 8M5 tax payers doing that and the queues will be enormous.

        • Considering that the tax service cannot handle even normal tax returns, the whole idea is just a silly joke. Tsipras wants to look as if he is doing something…

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            He invited for a hot September but what will he do when the city is closed for him?

          • Btw, what ever happened to that list of tax evaders given to the Greek government by I think the French?

          • What do you mean list of Greek tax evaders? The whole country is a tax evader, from the granny who doesn’t ask for a reciept, to the kiosk owner who refuses to give a reciept, to the doctor asking for a bribe!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            yeapyeapyeap – blame the granny and the big entrepreneur around the corner, the kiosk man

          • You are such a conformist moron, that it is difficult to believe you are so stupid. Have you not noticed that ALL big business in the EU and USA is corrupt and tax-evading? Did not you not notice the terrible corruption and incompetence, not to mention greed, of banks across the globe that has brought the world to its knees? Have you not grasped that German politicians are taking their instructions from German business, as are the useless morons in the USA? or the UK?
            Try to learn something about the world, before opening your foolish mouth. We are in a crisis of tax evasion across the developed world, of collapsing economies, and ageing populations demanding healthcare and pensions. These problems have nothing to do with Greece. If anything, the rest of Europe is starting to look more and more like Greece…

          • keeptalkinggreece

            don’t let trolls upset you

          • I think you need to grow up a bit. Everyone who disagrees with your left wing Syriza voting ideas, you call a troll. I don’t call you a troll for saying things I think are crazy, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

            Have an open mind please!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            a lidlee-troll in this special case, praising the nenefits from buying from a special chain – which is “advertising, free of charge. and has nothing to do with agree/disagree with social issues. BTW1 as from today, any comment praising lidlee will be delted BTW 2syriza is not left-wing. Left ideologies are dead, only you haven’t noticed.

          • You just repeat mindless right wing German propaganda, with no grasp of reality at all. You are the one who needs to learn how to think, and not regurgitate Nazi propaganda continuously. Do you have training in economics? Did you ever do research on the Greek economy? Do you know anything other than what politicians and other trolls have told you? The answer to all of these is clearly NO.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            he has no time for this – works 12/6 by lidleee

          • When I buy something in the UK, I get a reciept. In Greece, I have to ask for it. Don’t try to compare the two.

            And yes, everyone I speak to in Greece is proud of tax evading. I don’t want to give my VAT to criminals they tell me. What annoys me the most is when they give me no reciept, and no discount either! No thank you!
            So now I just always pay by card, even for small amounts, and I don’t use kiosks as I find them too expensive anyway for things like water and Coca Cola. ( I don’t smoke! I am surprised some people complain they have no money but they can spend hundreds a month on cigarettes = )

            I buy my bottled water from lidl at 0.12 EUR for 500 ml, or from AB at 0.14 EUR for 500 ml, which includes VAT by the way. Why should I pay 0.50 EUR in the kiosk, without a reciept? The Greek consumer needs to smarten up a bit and stop getting ripped off, and also start asking for some reciepts.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            you have no idea about taxation in Greece for small businesses like kiosks

          • keeptalkinggreece

            you have no idea about taxation in Greece for small businesses like kiosks – it’s odd that you try to dig on small businesses but keep suspiciously silent about the big businesses that do the big tax evasion. Grow up!

          • No everyone tax evades in Greece, it’s just that the big companies tax evade to a higher value because they have more money. That’s the only difference!

          • Well, in small shops in the UK you do not always get a receipt without asking. The same in Vienna (when I lived there). For some time prior to the crisis, small Greek shops were always insisting on receipts. Now, I tell them in advance “I don’t want a receipt because the money only goes to crooks in northern Europe.” The idea that there is no black economy in northern Europe is so ignorant, that it is obvious you do not know the research literature. The UK black economy is massive: it is only because the proportion of small businesses is lower that it is not as high a proportion of the total economy as Greece. Moreover, none of the research literature counts massive tax fraud and tax evasion by large companies. There is no value in issuing receipts if you don’t pay taxes anyway. Obviously, this concept is too difficult for you to grasp.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sounds just like some Austrian-Krauty bumfucks that truly believe that in Greece one can tell the supermarket-stuff “Minus Vat, please!” – would make a brilliant youtube btw, instead the only Greek supermarket-youtubes to be found are pillaged by Robine Hoods close to street-markets to give to the homeless and other poor – and the same jerky jerks must have been never been working in their whole life-time as if they’d know that normal people can’t cheat taxes as normal people never pay taxes, it’s done in their name by the companies they slave for.

      • I agree line up and tell thsm you are iliterate and they have to write it all for you. I want to see lines around the buildings and out of the streets let’s see what happens then. And as you all know I don’t think you’re going to get Greeks to tell you what they have and where it is so good luck to the government the next thing they’re going to do is break down your door and rifle through your property. Its called taking all your right away it eventually it becomes Marxism. The Next Step will be to require you to take it families and prosfiges in your property and hope because you have too many rooms.

  4. Just tell them all you own is one extremely sharp knife and your great great great great great grandmother was Charlotte Corday.