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Church of Greece paid €3.5million in taxes

In the name of God, of faith and of transparency…  On the occasion of approving the finances report for the year 2015, the Holy Synod of the Greek Church issued a statement concerning the Revenues and Expenses for the management year 2015. The statement includes also the payments by the Church of Greece for taxes.

The Holy Synod summarizes as follows:

Revenues: €8,937,238.39
Expenses: €10,468,737.54.
Difference of use: – 1,531,499.15 euro.

For taxes the Church of Greece paid a total of 3,436,38.01. In particular:
1. Unified Property Tax (ENFIA) € 2,756,992.39
2. Tax from income from rent €137,608.71
3. Extraordinary tax for special structured surfaces €91,624.28 (source)

The statement is certainly an argument against those claiming that the Church does not pay taxes.

PS In the list, I see no tax for interest from bank deposits…. But maybe there aren’t any. As we were taught in Sunday school: “Believe and do not search”.

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  1. Are you telling me the whole church of Greece only has revenues of 10,000,000? No way, I don’t believe it, don’t they own a lot of the land in Greece?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      If you wanna safe some Greece a bit you can squat the land they’ve sold to some rich scum incorporated, otherwise f.i. north-eastern Crete will get devastated and destroyed by thousands of tourists, one of the last areas without shitty umbrellas and sunbeds that make a bad plastic caricature of nice landscapes.

  2. And, in addition to the taxes the Church pays, there are many more million Euros they spend in philanthropic programs to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, provide orphanages and the like.