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Crete: German tourist to taxi driver “I don’t pay you because you owe to my country”

The transfer of two German tourists from a hotel in Agia Pelagia to Heraklion airport  ended up in the local police station. When the taxi driver stopped at the airport, the tourists refused to pay the fare of 40 euro arguing that …Greece owes money to Germany!

The passengers initially told the taxi driver that they had paid for the taxi transfer hotel-airport when they booked their hotel in Germany.

The driver said he had not received any money by anyone and that he had received just a phone call by the hotel reception to go and pick them up. The Germans’ reply left the driver aghast:

“I should not pay you because you [Greeks] owe money to my country!”

Taxi driver and passengers ended up in the police station of the Heraklion airport, with the tourists insisting on not paying for the fare.

Under the driver’s treat to file a lawsuit, the German asked for his bank account in order to send the money when back home.

According to, “this is not an isolated incident, as many times the taxi drivers are confronted with the insulting behavior of tourists, mostly Germans.”

In fact, the taxi driver could have told the Germans, that Berlin owes to Greece several billion euro in WWII reparations and that the debt question leads to nowhere…

PS rumors that the two German tourists are from the same village as Wolfgang Schaeuble cannot be confirmed at this point. :p

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Hopefully the scum missed the plane and is still searching for something like an embassy that could lend’em money to buy new tickets

  2. This is why we have to leave the racist EU. They treat us like dogs, they despise us, they humiliate us… let’s follow the British example.

  3. Same things should happen to German tourists as preventive measures before they get these funny ideas. Taxi drivers are known for their rudeness, so I guess it would not be a problem for them to act together once a month and refuse any ride to any German tourist who comes to them, giving exactly the same excuse. “Germany owes Greece since WWII, therefore we are not taking you anywhere.”
    Do it, before they do it to you.

  4. Just primitive and nothing in the head

  5. A very sad article and that people are sharing on because I know SO MANY wonderful German people who support Greek islands through their visits and do incredible things to support many animal welfare organisations with financial support, adoption, rescue and fostering and veterinary care. Unpleasant tourists come from all parts of the world.