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Code 24 Hours: Greece’s powerful tool against tax evasion will compare taxpayers’ data & pictures they post on social media

These efforts of Greek finance ministry officers to combat tax evasion have always a surprise hidden in their old fashioned drawers. This time, it will be an evil software that will identify tax evaders who show off with their wealth on social media! The ambitious plan will compare pictures of “showing off wealth” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with real income data and make checks to see if the yacht on the picture or the villa or the large automobile are compatible with the declared income of the tax payer.

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According to Sunday newspaper To Vima, this Big Brother tax evasion surveillance system will automatically and without human intervention draw information from different sources like banks, tax offices, property register, the ministries of Transport and the Maritime, the Athens Stock Exchange, old income declarations and fines etc and social media.

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The skillful tax inspector will type a random Tax Registration number in the system that will process the date. Within 24 hours, the super processor will spit out a message that will advice the tax hunter whether the tax payer involved should be further checked in terms of taxation or not.

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To Vima notes that the new system of special tax control application has the name “Code 24 Hours” and that it has already be in implementation as a pilot program and it will be in full implementation as of next month.

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The General Secretary of Public Revenues, the Financial Crimes Units (SDOE) and other public services are reportedly target 1,800,000 tax registration numbers of private citizens and enterprises for whom they already have indications for tax evasion.

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The Code 24 Hours is a further development of the online taxation control system  Elenxis. However the tax inspectors will not limit their controls into electronic surveillance but will also conduct controls on the spot in the houses and businesses of the tax evaders.

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I have no idea how the tax inspectors will be sure that if I post a picture showing me on a yacht that this yacht also belongs to me. Or that that’s me on a beautiful and exotic island that the island belongs to me.

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BTW: do you believe that such a surveillance system is possible?And what could be the cost for such a system to be developed? On the other hand, why to have such a system developed when we have the Google Search Engine …? User of Facebook and Instagram do not login with their tax registration number, do they?

And you may ask yourself
Well…How did we get there?

And you may ask yourself
Well…How did I get here?

And you may ask yourself
Well…How did I get here?

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  1. Talking Heads always +1

  2. OT Did anybody see this article on Zerohedge on how Soros and his OSF tried to influence Greek public opinion of Russia and support the coup in Ukraine? It about Soros internal documents showing how they operated in Greece and how they tried to influence media outlets such as ekathimerini. They even had a consultant named Iannis Carras.
    I am hoping that KTG was not on their target list… 😉
    Anyway, if KTG allows me to hyperlink, here it is:

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, I did see it… but I thought: is it important? after all first thing Tsipras did when he was elected was to re-boost relations with Russia. Carras is an assoc. prof. – he had a co-writer who is now social media manager for PM, however he did not had this position when the Soros report.

      • Well, there are apparently actors that try to further their agenda by influencing public opinion. The “invisible hands” behind events. In another ZH article, Soros is accused of having a strong influence in events that happened after the “Majdan revolution”.
        His Open Society Foundation is behind many so-called color revolutions. Revolutions are rarely spontaneous and often the ones that win the revolution are not the ones that continue it. Look at Majdan. When I saw these people get shot in February 2014 in clear camera view I knew that that was just a setup. In Ukraine they just replaced a pro-Russian corrupt clique with an even more corrupt pro-West clique. I don’t like Putin but the way that whole thing was organized and presented smells. And Soros et al are part of that.
        He made his fortune by profiting from other people’s misery (UK banking crisis, 1997 Asia crisis, 2008 world financial crisis) so he can fund his pet projects that cause more misery so he can profit from that again.

      • Btw. the American ambassador (Pyatt) to Ukraine in the Zerohedge article below has become the US’ new ambassador to Athens….

        • keeptalkinggreece

          are you sure? i thinks his name is pearson or something

          • That would be Pearce. He is being replaced by Pyatt. Here is something on ekathimerini about it.

            Well, ain’t that a coincidence…
            Why him? Because Tsipras was trying to get buddy buddy with Russia? Because of Turkey being new best friends with Russia all of a sudden? Because of migrant crisis of which is rumoured Soros had a big stake?
            Ok, off to buy aluminum foil.

  3. This system has been used in the UK to identify tax dodgers I think. The tax man has asked where the money has come from for the tax dodgers children to display signs of wealth, expensive watches,luxury holidays, etc. The children love to brag on social media, and the parent has to explain and justify. Quite right too why should the rich shark ther dues.

    • the rich make the rules,they bend them as they need to. the only people affected by this will be your working stiff , just getting by on 3 squares and a cot. always is, always will be.

    • Yes it’s a good system since most Greeks have ‘hidden assets’. From my experience, many Greeks I know pretend to be poor by driving awful cars and dressing up badly, but they can somehow still afford to send their kids to study in the UK and go on holidays all the time = )

      The problem is, the tax officers in Greece are underfunded and there aren’t enough of them. How can they trace 8,000,000 taxpayers? Impossible, it will go at a snails pace. That’s why the government focuses on taxing people where they can’t avoid it, for example mobile phone tax, land phone tax, fuel tax, etc.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        with your extensive knowledge you should abandon your liddlee job and get hired by the GR finance ministry

        • I would help Greece a lot with my knowledge ! But the salaries in the Greek govt are too low for me and I refuse to accept bribes 🙂 besides in Greece you get sued for saying the truth, just like Georgiou in ELSTAt

          • The salaries in the Greek private sector are much lower, so you don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Then go to Turkey, for saying the truth you get free housing, even for water you don’t need your 12 cents to give the yellow-blue horror house, but wait take your horror-house and organize another Greek Giro, best hills, best sights for the cameras and the European public will love that too as being bored by Tour De France, Giro De Italia and the Huelta…

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          At least he doesn’t come up with anti-Semitic conspiracy metaphors against cat-like animals called octopus that the Nazis used in 38 against Jews and Churchill used against communists, who knows maybe they’d used it against Greeks also.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Hopefully all users of smart-phones will face Le Hague this way also, for their mass-murder in Congo.