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German Interior Minister, an ex asylum seeker, wants to deport refugees in Greece

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere wants to deport refugees from Germany to Greece claiming the Dublin Treaty will facilitate this. De Maiziere claimed that the EU did a lot to help improve the situation of refugees in Greece.

At the same time, he blamed Greece for the increased numbers of refugees that arrived in Europe last year and claimed that Greece should have imposed strict border controls” before the situation got out of control.

Speaking to Sunday edition of German conservative daily Die Welt, de Maiziere said:

“In Europe we did a lot to improve the situation in Greece. This must have consequences and to lead that refugees can be sent back to Greece under the Dublin Treaty.

However a common European stance was needed to achieve this.

“If we accelerate [this process] on our own, there is a risk that the (German) administrative courts will prohibit the deportation within a short time,” he said.

Furthermore, he also blamed Greece for the large number of refugees in recent years: “The recording and the end of the (refugee) wave would have taken place, there, in  the European Union’s external borders. Then Hungary would not raise the fence.”

With German elections ahead and the far-right Pediga threatening to steal votes from the conservatives, it is normal that the Refugee issue and Greece will be in the middle of the elections batterfield.

De Maiziere belongs to the conservative party of Angela Merkel Christian Democrat Union (CDU) and is also a close confidant of the German Chancellor.

Interesting note: De Maiziere’s family originally from Maizières-lès-Metz in Alcase,  as Huguenots (French Protestants/Calvinists), had fled France for asylum in Prussia in the late 17th century. A quarter of million Huguenots fled France, 50,000 of them sought protection in Calvinist parts of Germany.

But that was long long ago, before European Unions and Dublin Treaties, and de Maiziere is still in the privileged position to enjoy the …German asylum.

PS pure German arrogance as always: once we do one thing, beneficiaries must be eternal grateful and pay it back x 10 times.

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  1. And his grandfather was a Nazi.
    Anyway, Germany suspended Dublin last year without consulting other European countries so they can keep their migrants.

    • and his cousin first (and last) democratically elected Chancellor in Eastern Germany.

    • Dublin has been suspended for returns to Greece since 2011 rulings of the European Court of Justice, German high courts, and the recommendations of the ECHR. There are also more recent court cases where Greece has been denounced as an unsafe country for asylum seekers.
      The irony is that the EU has paid for a new asylum service in Greece and trained its staff, so that Greece would be acceptable as a safe country for asylum. Then, this year, they have interfered with the asylum system within the Aegean island “hotspots” to try to return all asylum seekers to Turkey, illegally. So Greece is still not a safe country, largely because the EU has made it unsafe again (after having paid a lot of money to improve its asylum system).
      And these arsehole Germans are talking about sending refugees to Greece, when the country is flooded with them, still arriving too.

  2. I advise Mr . Minister to go fuck , together with all the Germans

  3. The Germans did nothing to help the migration crisis: they made it worse by telling the world that all Syrians were welcome in Germany, when the only way to reach Germany was via Greece. This guy is a lying piece of shit — like most politicians — and deserves to be treated with contempt.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      If it would have been like this the lines of refugees in front of German embassies would have been from Aleppo to Beirut and from Damascus to Tel Aviv and no need to march a long trail of tears with lost children and drown victims, anything else is media spinning tell-tales and there were enough examples showing that “informations” on a way are more rumours and the ones of these people who had internet access were more busy with having a map on their screens and finding a station to load their batteries, otherwise many wouldn’t have been cooked after dying from asphyxia in lorries.

  4. I like your comment moderation style ktg, keep it up!!

    ps I agree with all the above comments especially the ‘lying piece of ‘ skata :-))