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Tavern owner shoots with rifle at PPC team wanting to cut electricity due to debts

Some cry, some are desperate and just look helpless when the teams of Greek Public Power Company (DEH) comes to cut the electricity supply due to accumulative debts. However, a tavern owner of a tavern in Chasia, in Ano Liosia suburb of western Athens decided to hinder the upcoming outage and tokk hold of more radical measures: he hit the PPC-workers,  then grabbed a hunting rifle and shoot at the company car. Then he fled.

The incident occurred at 12 noon on Monday. A team of workers from Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDHE) that is assigned to execute PPC orders for electricity cuts, went to the tavern and tried to dismantle the electricity cable due to debts and repeated infringements.

The tavern owner apparently saw “red’, first hit some men of the team, then grabbed his hunting rifle and he shot at the DEDDHE-car. And fled the spot.

DEDDHE said in a statement that “the team returned to the tavern in police escort,  dismantled the electricity cable from the pole amid verbal attacks by unknown bystanders.” It added that it takes all necessary measures to prevent new outbreaks of violence against the company’s workers.”

The police is seeking the tavern owner who is still fugitive.

According to media reporters who visited the tavern, the owner was still fugitive in the early evening Tuesday. His relatives claimed that he had tried many times to make a debt payment settlement with PPC  that however had failed.

From a TV report, KTg understood that the electricity was cut at an earlier point and that the tavern owner was stealing electricity from a PPC-pole with an extra cable.

The tavern owner was


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