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Thessaloniki indefinitely without public buses as OASTH personnel claims unpaid wages

Drivers of public buses in Thessaloniki in northern Greece did not bother to wake up in the middle of the night and enter the early shift on Saturday, September 17th 2016. Together with their colleagues working at Thessaloniki Urban Transportation Organization(OASTH), they had decided to take leagal measures in order to claim their outstanding wages.

Call it “Strike” or call it “retention of work”, the city of half a million inhabitants will be without public transportation until further notice, or until a solution will be found.

2,200 employees have been unpaid for the months of July and August.

On its part, the OASTH is expected to proceed with legal measures to lift the employees’ legal measures.

The workers’ union has a sceduled meeting with the Tranport Ministry leadership.

Until legal measures win over labor union measures and the Ministry has a solution, commuters in Thessaloniki will have to find other ways of transportation. But there aren’t any except private cars. The notorious project “The Metro” is expected to go in operation somewhere after the yeart 2020 – if I’m not wrong.

Exception to the strike rule is that only the special vehicles for people with disabilities on wheelchairs will be in operation.

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  1. Didn’t Alexis want play big spender with the money from TV-licenses? How about paying his debts first, i.e the bus drivers so they can buy their family food?

  2. Seems fair to me…..No Wages=No Work.
    I cannot think of another country that could get away with not paying its workers the way Greece does, both public and private employers seem to do it, it’s immoral!

  3. The employees should sell the buses to pay their wages !