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Apache helicopter down during exercise – Two pilots safe (video)

An Apache helicopter went down in Chalkidiki in Northern Greece during the military exercise SARISA – 2016. The helicopter fell into the sea in the gulf of Orfanos, just ten meters from the coast in Asprovalta.

According to Greek General Staff, the two pilots were safe and transferred to the military hospital in Thessaloniki.

The incident occurred at 9 o’ clock in the morning.

Media report that the helicopter had “loss of power”.

The causes are being investigated.

One hour after the incident, state ERT TV reported that “the pilots made an emergency landing in the sea.”

video: the Apache half-sunk in the sea

Military exercise SARISA 2016 is taking place between 19th and 23rd September with the participation of all three sections of the Greek Armed Forces. A unit of US commandos SEALS is taking part as well.

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