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Ankara Mayor wants next to Dodecanese, also Crete and Aegina

As loyal supporter of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Mayor of Ankara thought he had to add his own sauce and boost his master’s aspiration for a revision of the Treaty of Lausanne.

And what did the good mayor do? He uploaded a map with all Greek islands and claimed that Turkey could have have them had the Treaty negotiations been successful.

Melih Gokcek most obviously used a map by a Turkish travel agency offering tours to the Greek islands.

Consequently, the mayor of Ankara does not limit the Turkish claims over Greece’s islands and islets to the Dodecanese group, but expands it even to Crete and Aegina, some 10 nautical miles off the Athens coast.

Gokcek definitely proves that he lacks knowledge of the history of his own country, incl. the Treaties. With the Treaty of Lausanne, in 1923, Turkey abolished all rights on Dodecanese to Italy and not to Greece, which obtained sovereignty in 1947.

PS thank goodness, he didn’t claim the Ioanian islands. Ok, he doesn’t even know they exist…

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  1. I would not say that the Dodecanese is sovereign, since its being part of Greece. But maybe thats splitting hairs..

  2. Our Athens mayor Kaminis should IMMEDIATELY publish a rival map reclaiming Turkey for Greece, and all of Pontus, Constanzia, Mariopol, Odessa, Sebastopol etc. But no, he is too spineless.

    After all, the Turks are illegitimate Mongolian barbarian invaders (only 6% of “Turks” have Turk blood) that took over the more than 6000+++ year old Greek colonies and Greek empire (Byzantium) at a weak point and have no legitimate civilisational claim to OUR territories, our great city Constantinople (and Smyrna!) and all its wealth and treasure, and to our peoples left behind. They only managed to hold on to it for 400 years as the Ottoman empire (and the Sultans were too often not Turk) before it was taken over by the Greek Thessaloniki-born “Kemal Ataturk” and turned into “Turkey”. This “Turkey” was created and nonstop propped up by the Great Powers for their own divide & rule purposes.


    • costa sakellariou

      yes, and with the same hateful logic, modern greeks are a mongrel nation comprised of:
      armenians (20,000 relocated to thessalia by nikiforos fokas)

      the list goes on…and it is actually pretty ridiculous. there is no ‘OUR’, and very little in the way of historical continuity between ancient greece/byzantion and modern greece. The turks were fighting as byzantine mercenaries 400 years before manzikert, so they have been around for quite a while now…and they have been entwined in ‘our’ history, and us in their ‘history’ (many of the sultans had mothers who were ‘romies’) for a long time…there has to be a better way to move forward rather than this noxious super-nationalism…

      • It is not a matter of supernationalism of anything similar. It is a matter of Greece being under German occupation using subservient “local” governments and parliaments. These will have no problem or hesitation to surrender any territory to anybody their paymasters appoint – in this case the Turks. The US high command seems to concur too.

      • All nations are constructed, and in reality composed of diverse ethnic and genetic groups. This is necessary or they would be inbred and low quality people — like the British royal family. However, this does not alter the socio-political reality as perceived by the nation or country concerned: the inhabitants self-identify with this idea of nationhood. Again, this is needed for a coherent social order: without it, all countries would resemble Libya or Afghanistant with local tribes and continuous war.
        Therefore, it is necessary to defend this social construction against attack from malevolent outsiders. Turkey is not challenging the idea of Greekness — just wanting territory and (no doubt) oil or gas deposits. The attack on the Lausanne Treaty is very serious, and made at a time when Europe is failing. There is the potential for Greece to fail in this, too. The only two options are ideological defence of Greece, and military defence of Greece. The latter requires the help of other countries, but the former is at least an option for Greek politicians possessing both intelligence and some sort of spine. Tell me if you know of any…

        • costa sakellariou

          this was the idea of joining the EEC in the first place, no? a guarantee of external borders…and the end of the need to spend on national defence!

          and then…not another word about the security of the islands…no, i agree that options are limited…

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            This was the joke all the time: No one can “control your borders” – esp no Austrian-Hungarian morons – when the EU still refuses to guarantee the borders and the EU won’t give guarantees because instead of banning it they support selling weapons as selling weapons is the true nature of capitalistic barbarity that is also behind calling “legal” the cowardly bombings of civilians, defenceless countries and partisans while hailing Pablo Picasso for painting Kunduz and Mai Lai.

  3. Mr Mayor, I must thank you for your contribution to my intellectual enlightenment and growth. You see, I was not aware that the Cycladic Islands and Evvoia had not formed part of free Greece at its rebirth in 1832. Nor was I aware that Crete, Thasos, Samothrace, Limnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Icaria had not been ceded to Greece after the Balkan Wars in 1913. Nor was I aware that the Dodecanese Islands had not been ceded to Greece by Italy in 1947.

    Mr Mayor, I am aware however, that the islands of Imbros and Tenedos, as well as the districts of Eastern Thrace and Smyrna (Smyrna was provisionally Greek pending a referendum), had been lost by Greece under the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. I am also aware that these territories were then overwhelmingly or mostly Greek populated. I am further aware that you Turks know this. Consider, for example:

    ‘Even though their general population was mostly Greek, Eastern Thrace and İzmir were left to Turkey.’ (Source: The Daily Sabah, 29/7/16, Treaty of Lausanne: Triumph or Loss?)

    So I thank you Mr Mayor, for I was not aware that the Treaty of Lausanne, in fact, did not give Turkey Greek populated islands and districts and nothing other.

    Mr Mayor, you are a sage. Indeed, a modern day Aristotle.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      enlightened 🙂

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Hopefully at least all this and Erdogun’s delirium will lead to clean Wikipedia, only thing not understandable so far is why for getting rid of Kemalism he isn’t using the Ottoman genocides to get history straight and peace with Kurdistan as the actual Turkish massacres were done by Kemalists and MHP – the only thing public can do now is to start to use Kurdish names instead of Turkish, be it drown babies or be it Kurdish cities.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    No Greek “Pizza Megali Idea” without Calabria and Sicily …
    Without Lausanne Turkey – just like Germoney – would have a total different genocide-free flag today and would be much smaller also, as without Lausanne Turkey wouldn’t have had any chances to not participate in WW 2 and Ataturk couldn’t allow Greek partisans to evacuate thousands of Jews via Turkey.