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Greek police fires teargas at elderly protesters (video, picts)

Greek police fired teargas at protesting pensioners when the few hundreds to elderly men and women attempted to break the police cordon and walk towards the office of the Prime Minister.

some pensioners commented “Thanks for the treat!” via @MakisSinodinos


Pensioners from several sectors had come to downtown Athens in order to protest the constant cuts in their pensions.

Around 12 o’ clock noon, they attempted to walk towards the PM’s office. They gathered around a police bus and started to rock it in order to open a passage.

The riot police did not await long and started to fire teargas.

Many elderly protesters suffered breathing problems,  tears came from their eyes due to the toxic police ‘weapons’.

Protesters refused to leave the area and they insist to meet with the Prime Minister.

The pensioners complained that with the recent cuts in supplementary pensions they can hardly make ends meet until the end of the month, while many stressed that with their pensions support their unemployed children.

The outcry for teargassing the elderly was immediate. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was reportedly annoyed and called the deputy minister for Public Order, Nikos Toskas, to express his discomfort about teargassing the elderly. The PM asked that no similar incident happens again.

According to state ERT TV, police is investigating to find out who gave the order to fire tear gas at the elderly.

Toskas took responsibility and gave the order that police does not fire teargas at protesting workers and pensioners.

More pictures & videos here.

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  1. Oh right, very uncomfortable.

    We’ll wait and see until “next time”.

  2. We should not blame the Government. As good “Quislings” should do, they obey their foreign masters.