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Dog fighting on a private yacht anchored at the port of Rhodes

Greeks and foreigners organized a dog fighting on the deck of a private yacht that was anchored at the port of Rhodes. The thugs went so far to upload a video they filmed on youtube and on the facebook page of one of them.

The animal welfare society on the islands complained to the Department of the e-crime of the Greek police. It turned out that it was the same man who had uploaded the video on the two social media channels.

According to local media, police arrested the persons involved and now investigates whether there have been other cases of dog fighting organized by them.

The dogs are expected to be removed from their abusing owners.

Some of the perpetrators were speaking broken Greek, some were native speakers.

The name of the brutalo man incl. his macho picture is on his youtube account.

The video showed that a child was also present during the cruel fighting.

The animal welfare society has also informed the local Vet’s association, as the men on the video were saying that the dogs would be taken to the vet after the fighting.

The video was taken down from youtube, but I think it was still up on fb.

On the occasion of the World Animal Day today,  Greek police should throw the criminals  into the darkest prison cell under the earth surface.

It should also name and shame them! And remove the child from these individuals who want to claim for them the title of “parent”.

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  1. Anastasia Devaris

    I am half Greek, and very ashamed of how most Greeks treat animals in Greece. I do have 2 close friends that travel from there to Fl, who tell me of all the animal abuse!