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Athens: 150 elderly on the street when Care Home gets evicted

Women in nightwear, men in pajamas. Some on wheel chairs, others on  ambulance stretchers with an oxygen mask on the face. 150 elderly found themselves suddenly on the street, after a court had ordered the eviction of the private care home. Together with their angry relatives they all stood on the pavement outside the care home Thursday afternoon, seeking for an urgent solution.

“My sister is bed-ridden, what shall we do now?” a woman told Star TV. The daughter of another elderly said that her mother needed specialized care and she needed to find another care home as soon as possible. While the elderly looked lost and confused, all relatives complained that they were informed at noon about the eviction and they were asked to have picked up their elderly by the evening.

In the morning,  a bailiff had delivered a court order, according to which the home owner had to evacuate the building due to outstanding debts to the landlord. A total sum of 194,000 euros that had not been paid for more than 3 months.

According to Skai TV, the home owner was officially notified about the upcoming eviction beginning of July,  the court decision was issued 20 days ago.

Nobody had informed the relatives of the elderly accordingly on time.

The result? Chaos and panic.

Average monthly accommodation in a care home in Athens cost around 1,000 – 1,100 euro. Prices have fallen due to crisis. But the pressure is high, should a relative delay the payment for a couple of days.

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  1. This is the sort of thing AHEPA should take care of instead of blindly sending money to Greece. Much of the money sent has been squandered and used by wealthy doctors for their own purposes….
    I would surely buy the elderly care facility if the Greek system wasn’t so fucked up.

    • Yes, as with all Third World countries, aid has to be precisely targeted and accounted for, with detailed and independently corroborated financial accounting. It’s no good just sending money to Greece: Pasok and ND have developed a network of mafiosi crooks to extract as much of it as they can get away with. All of this time, the poor and vulnerable in Greece are left to poverty and a miserable quality of life, unless they have close family with sufficient resources to help them.

    • Really? What address would donors use sending money to “Greece” I wonder, “country next to Italy”? So far I haven’t heard of such a thing since most donate to the many registered causes & charities.

      AHEPA normally develops specific projects.

  2. Bernhard Thiesing

    As Bertolt Brecht wrote: “Es gibt viele Arten zu töten. Man kann einem ein Messer in den Bauch stechen, einem das Brot entziehen, einen von einer Krankheit nicht heilen, einen in eine schlechte Wohnung stecken, einen durch Arbeit zu Tode schinden, einen zum Suizid treiben, einen in den Krieg führen usw. Nur weniges davon ist in unserem Staat verboten.” (Me-Ti, Buch der Wendungen)

    “There are many ways of killing. You can stick a knife in someone’s stomach, take someone’s bread away, not cure someone’s illness, put someone in poor accommodation, work someone to death, drive someone to suicide, take someone to war and so on. In our country only a few of these are forbidden.”
    –Bertolt Brecht, Me-ti: Book of Interventions in the Flow of Things

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    captcha for huntington-article isn’t working:
    A Greek bank gives 24,4 billion boni in only 6 years to their 1500 criminal managers who already “earn” more than a million p.a. and then goes bust?
    Dr. Adolfine Märklin takes even care for that said bank gets away with washing 10 billion for her GDR-times bedfellow Putin – even after sanctions started

  4. It is clear the Rule of Law is NOT working. OK the courts dumped these people on the street but they must be part of the corporate rip off.
    Similar is happening in Ireland with house reclaims.
    Only if Greece (god knows who) operates as does Iceland, by jailing ALL the corrupt people in high places will Greece ever get out of the gutter.