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UPD They hanged a man in downtown Athens – Two foreign nationals detained

Horror in downtown Athens: Saturday afternoon, a passerby saw the body of a man hanging from a tree at Klafthmonos street right in the center of the Greek capital. The passerby informed the police that arrived together with an ambulance.

The paramedics could only confirm his death. The victim had no papers with him, but media suggest that he was of foreign nationality. He was hanging form a makeshift noose.

This unprecedented and unbelievable incident occurred around 7:30 pm yesterday Saturday in the park opposite the Interior Ministry.

Police detained a Polish and an Ukrainian nationals who were hanging around in the park and were clearly in a state of intoxication.

According to Greek media, police investigates whether the two foreign nationals murdered the victim on purpose but were too drunk to leave the spot or whether they got involved with the victim in a kind of bad farce that ended fatally.


According to latest information the victim was a Polish national.

The two detainees, a Polish, 35, and an Ukrainian national, 52, alleged claimed towards the police that the three were playing game!

A neighbor and eyewitness told police that he heard “intense quarreling and people shouting” and when he came out he saw two people in the square holding a man hanging from the tree.

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