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Journalists raise banner outside PM’s office, police refrains from using tear gas

It’s an old journalism aphorism mentioned in all books Journalism the Basics: News worth reporting is  not when dog bites man but when man bites dog.

In this context is is worth reporting that riot police did not use tear gas when protesting journalists and technicians came dangerously close to the fence surrounding the office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras thus raising a banner.

Hundreds of journalists, technician and and administrative personnel at private television stations gathered outside the parliament Monday morning to protest the upcoming closure resulting from the TV licenses procedure.

At one point, a group of 30 people broke the police cordon and moved towards the PM’s office.

In contrast to the usual practice, police did not use tear gas to disperse the crowd and protect the Prime Ministry. That was due a government decision last week that no tear gas should be used against protesting workers and pensioners. The decision was taken after the outcry that broke out, when police sprayed with teargas elderly who were protesting pension cuts.

Private TV personnel is on a 5-hour work stoppage on Monday. They demand from the government to secure their work places.

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