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ANEL would bring down coalition, if SYRIZA was to abolish Orthodoxy in schools

“For ANEL the connection between Orthodoxy and Hellinism is stressed in out party declaration,” Defense Minister and president of  nationalist Independent Greeks (ANEL) said during an interview with a private television channel Tuesday morning.

Referring to the recent crisis between SYRIZA and the Greek Orthodox Church about how the teaching of Religion should take place in the country’s schools, Kammenos said that the Archbishop of Athens gave the solution to the problem and that a collision between the State and the Church would be catastrophic for Greece.

Asked about what he would do if the Archbishop had asked him to bring down the government. Minister Kammenos replied that

If the government would insist on its position and would “ignore the Church” and if the schedule of teaching religion in school classes would “expel Orthodoxy” I would not support the government.

Kammenos added that he informed accordingly both the Prime Minister and the Archbishop.

The proposal of Education Minister Nikos Filis (SYRIZA) to replace Religion classes in schools with Religion Science triggered a huge rift between the Greek Church and the left-wing part of the government.

At the every end, the government gave in to the objections of the Church.

No Greek government wants to break ties with the powerful Greek Church.

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  1. costa sakellariou

    greek mullahs!

  2. Disgusting hypocrites! It is OK for people to starve and lose their houses – the ANEL have no problem with it. But they have a problem with religious teaching. How stupid do they think we are? On the other hand, maybe they got it right and we indeed are that stupid?

  3. The pathetic fat pig called Kammenos has no business being in a coalition with a left party anyway. The whole business stinks of self-promotion and no interest at all in the people of Greece.