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MNI European lenders & IMF in “political deadlock” over Greek dept

Greece’s European lenders and the International Monetary Fund are in political deadlock over the Greek debt. German news agency MNI reports of a secret meeting last Saturday in Washington where high-ranking representatives from European institutions (ECB, ESM and EU Commission) and Poul Thomsen from the IMF talked about the Greek debt and its management.

Citing “sources’, the MNI notes that there was a “political deadlock” among the four and that there seem to be not solution before upcoming December.

Another “source” told MNI that the mood within the EU to keep the IMF in the Greek program is “weakening” and that the main problem is in the parliaments of The Netherlands and Finland rather than in the one in Germany.

The Institutions consider the conclusion of the Second Review within 2016 as “unrealistic.”

Some Greek media speak of a conclusion in early summer 2017.

According to Greek section of CNN, ECB’s representative Benoit Carrer had a secret meeting with Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos  Saturday afternoon in the IMF office. The meeting has not been announced.


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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    If the ministry of economics instead of finance would be doing this job the crisis would have been already solved since 6 years