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Two former PASOK-Ministers claim Greece is being ruled by “officials with psychological problems”

I don’t know if the World Mental Health Day on October 9th had an “inspiring” effect on some people who used to govern Greece. But today a current financial  official and a former politician with high profile, both PASOK, claimed that Greece is and has being ruled by people with psychological problems.

The first salvo came by Bank of Greece governor, Yiannis Stournaras,  Finance Minister in the New Democracy-PASOK coalition of 2012-2015. Stournaras was testifying in front of the Parliamentary commission investigating generous bank loans given to political parties and media. He attacked his predecessor Giorgos Provopoulos and claimed that the former BoG governor might suffer from psychological problems.

“Because Provopoulos who may suffer from psychological problems said so?”

Provopoulos was BoG governor from 2008 t0 2014.

The second salvo came by Thodoros Pangalos who served Greece under PASOK for several decades. Pangalos said about Labor Minister Giorgos Katrougalos:

“These children like Katrougalos are psychologically ill. I am not a psychiatrist and I can not know what it is, it can be a serious disorder, which can deserve our sympathy and our solidarity with Mr. Katrougalos.”

I don’t know if the two PASOK guys have any evidence for their claims but they should look into it as soon as possible and a special commission should investigate the claims and their link to the nightmare we live in each and every day.

Just kidding. Investigation will not bring anything.

PS The lunatics claimed the asylum long ago and thus Europe-wide.

A couple of hours later, Stournaras said it was just a joke (about Provopoulos) – via ERT TV

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